All eyes were on Team Tom's-Havoline if they were going to capture again the championship again taking all three top positions. Their top driver Jody Coseteng has already secured enough points to guarantee him of a championship but he still needed to finish. This meant his teammate Jomari Yllana would have to finish first in order to take 2nd place in the championship. Starting up front in pole position was Jomari Yllana, followed by Nilo Pazcoguin also from Team Tom's Havoline followed by Louis Ramirez of Team Petron-SRA.

It would be seen that Team Tom's put out every effort to secure themselves of the championship, but they would not go unchallenged as Louis Ramirez of Team Petron-SRA, intent to get into the championship circle putting every bit of pressure to the Tom's drivers for most of the race. But it was really the setup of the Tom's cars and focused drivers which kept them up in front.

Having a rather frustrating race on the other hand was Angelo Barretto of Team My Globe/Castrol/Velocity Motors. His race isn't what we expect of him, since his stellar performance in the International Touring Car Championship last year where he was Rookie Champion.

It was the same story for Barretto in the final round, as the engine performance just didn't give output. Struggling in the tail end of the race going at it with Ricardo Loi of Team L'Opera/GNC/Agip. Loi would just leave Barretto in the straights due to a better performing car. Also running a competitive race was Mike Potenciano of Team ZED/Gulf/MP Turbo battling it on in the middle part of the grid. Team Tom's would again dominate the race with all three drivers taking top three spots. They would be the eventual season champions, with Coseteng again taking 1st, followed by Yllana and Pazcoguin. "Another reward for a hard worked racing season," replied Coseteng when asked about his championship.