March 3, 2001 was the season opener of the Shell Super Kart Series featuring the country's top karters. The categories this year are the Cadet, Junior, FSL Light, FSL Heavy, ICA/FA, Team and the new Formula 125/Rotax.

Karters from kids to adults represented their respective teams in the season opener. The teams were Demvels, Kart One, Intelco, and Tuason Racing Project to name a few.

But the real highlight of the event was the Cadet and Junior races. In the action packed Cadet race, Tyson Sy went toe to toe with Mark Bumgarner all throughout the race. Mark had the pole position but Tyson fought all the way to the end.

Each of them was able to overtake the other a few times. During the final lap of the race, going into the second to the last turn, a hairpin, Bumgarner had a seemingly clear advantage over Sy. But when the two guys emerged from the final chicane Sy was able to take the lead and go on to capture the checkered flag. Few people actually saw the exact overtaking maneuver pulled by Tyson because that part of the track was a downhill part. But everyone was really pumped up because of the race.

But Tyson 'Superboy' Sy wasn't finished. He didn't even rest one minute and quickly joined the next Junior KT race. This race was also full of excitement because of the brilliant overtaking maneuvers pulled by Sy and Dado Peña. Both took turns taking the lead but in the end, Sy was able to overcome fatigue and pressure to once again take the checkered flag.

One particularly good race was the Formula 125 category race with race karts running more powerful 125cc engines. This particular race had Angelo Baretto leading the race with 2nd position being fought for by Bert Neuhof and Lee Bumgarner. Neuhof was able to take 2nd place and ensure quite an amount of space between him and Bumgarner. He then set his sights on taking the lead from Baretto. He really put on a good show as he tailed Baretto all throughout the race, sometimes having the opportunity to overtake. But Baretto proved once again why he is one of the top circuit drivers in the country as he stayed calm under immense pressure to take the checkered flag.

The FSL Light, FSL Heavy, ICA/FA, and team races were all in all exciting and competitive as racers opened the race with their sights on the first win of the season. There was a lot of action all throughout the races with drivers overtaking each other on the different corners of the track. There was also a rare driver's gathering for the FSL Light division for a briefing made by race director Gabby Intengan. Overall the event was really very exciting. The organizers ensured that their time tables were followed, there was little delay in between races, and the races themselves were really fun to watch. The next leg happens on March 24 and 25.