The day was hot although there were gray clouds threatening to pour down some rain. But it continued that way for the rest of the day as the hot and humid conditions made the race even hotter as karters fought on for top positions as the series runs to its last few races. The FSL class was packed with competitors as they diced each other from start to finish. The exciting race saw frequent changes in the top three positions.

A lot of retirements were prevalent in the race as well. As if the early heats weren't bad enough, Mandy Borja again fell victim to mechanical problems being one of the early retirees in the race.

Making a very good race was Kendrick Sy of Demvels, but his efforts went to dust as took a turn to fast during the last few laps and spun out ending his race. But in the end, it would be Team ARC taking a 1-2 finish with Donovan Yu in the lead followed by Jeremy Maquez of Team ARC, JP Cariño of Team Intelco came in third, Fernando Villalon of Kart-1 in fourth and Ryan Francisco of Team ARC in fifth.

Next race was the not so packed KT-Heavy class, frequent position changes also occurred in the high speed Batangas track. Victor Yap of Demvels led for a brief moment, only to lose it and drop down to 4th place. It would be Edgar Quesada of Kart-1 Racing who would take the checkered flag with a magnificent drive. Notwithstanding continuous challenging and dogging by the Intelco karts following him with occasional position changes. Allan Pastrana of Team Intelco finished second, while teammate Philip Rubio finished third. Victor Yap of Demvels finished fourth and Allan Pastrana in fifth, rounding up the top five finishers.

It was a 1-2 finish for Team Demvels as Tyson Sy and Marty Aguilar took top honors in the Cadet 85 class.

The Junior KT class told a different story, as the race was really a close one as Tyson Sy of Team Demvels went on against arch-rival Dado Peña of Kart-1 Racing backed up by teammate Batsy Aggabao. It was battle for Sy and Peña from start to finish as they diced each other out wherever possible in the high speed track. The Yamaha turn took them out on the last lap as they both spun out ending their races. The two, almost went to clash after tempers fired up on the sand pit. They were both called up to the control tower after the race. Yes you read that right, they don't let hot headed racers walk away like nothing happened. Mark Bumgarner of Team CDS would literally steal the win from both Sy and Peña while Aggabao followed in second. Michele Bumgarner Team CDS finished third.

In the Demvel's Formula 125 class, it would be championship leader Lee Bumgarner of Team CDS who would again take the win to extend his lead in the standings. Bert Neuhof followed closely in second bringing him closer to Mike Francisco in the standings. Francisco finished third to add some points still giving him a 2-point advantage over Neuhof. Mike Sy finished fourth over Angelo Barretto who had been experiencing engine problems for the whole weekend. Barretto who was already in 7th place was lucky as Juha Roiha and Pekka Salinen both retired from the race pushing him up to fifth.