In Rounds 5 and 6 of the BRC Touring Car Championship, Carlos Anton once again took pole position for the N1 division followed by Ferdie Ong took the second grid spot, while Philip Alvendia settled for third grid spot. For Division 3, Oscar Aguilar took top division grid order, followed by Alex Padua.

At the start, it was Carlos Anton of Red Horse/MP Turbo who led the way through turn one never looking back. Behind him was short battle for 2nd between Ferdie Ong of Rota/H&R and Mato Tan of Matonetics. Tan would later be overtaken by Philip Alvendia of A3 Motorsports by lap 5. Shortly after, Dominic Bon blows his engine on the 7th lap ending his race early.

The final results were: N1 - Carlos Anton (1st), Ferdie Ong (2nd), Philip Alvendia (3rd); Div 3 - Oscar Aguilar (1st), Mike Francisco (2nd).

At the start of round 6, it was once again Carlos Anton at the lead in N1 Class. Ferdie Ong followed on in second position. But the real action was between Philip Alvendia and Mato Tan who were again running side-by-side as they battled on for third position making for an exciting race.

Going towards the end of the race, Rey Reyes starts to have problems with his engine started to emit white smoke. Reyes limped for the last few laps and gets passed by Arvin Dayrit. Meanwhile, infront of them was still the duel between Tan and Alvendia trying to edge each other out. But it would be Alvendia's race as he gets advantage over Tan.

Back in front, Carlos Anton continued to extend his lead and takes the checkered flag. Ferdie Ong followed 5 seconds later, while Alvenida and Tan followed in 3rd and 4th running less than 1-second apart. In the Division 3 class, Oscar Aguilar of Caltex Havoline Racing dominated the race from start to finish over Mike Francisco of MP Turbo. Unfortunately for Ferdie Ong, his car was found 1 kilogram underweight at the post-race scrutineering, he was disqualified moving Alvendia and Tan each up a position in the podium.

The final results were: N1 - Carlos Anton (1st), Philip Alvendia (2nd), Mato Tan (3rd); Div 3 - Oscar Aguilar (1st), Mike Francisco (2nd).