In racing having a good team and car is as important as having a good driver, when you have the right combination you are hard to beat. Jody Coseteng of San Miguel Caltex once again set the fastest time in the qualifying session for Round 9 & 10. Mike Anton in the Red Bull Civic setting the fastest time for the A drivers and earned. Kookie Ramirez of Petron SRA was third. Francis Godinez a Privateer in fourth and set the fastest time of the B drivers. Louis Ramirez in the second Petron SRA Civic and Dominic Bon rounded out the top half dozen.

At the start of Round 9 Jody Coseteng would take a lead after a short battle with Mike Anton. Louis Ramirez in the second Petron SRA Civic was in third with Francis Godinez on fourth. Kookie Ramirez would drop down to 5th after a bad start, but would slowly work his way up the order.

On lap 2 Ramirez slipped by Bon for fifth, on the next it was Godinez and on the third lap, brother Louis allowed Kookie to slip into third spot and close on Anton. Monching Guitierrez would drop out with some engine problems. John Sambo was having a quiet ride in the lead of the Super Saloon C and started setting some good times. Miguel Ramirez was making a charge and had moved up to fifth position but would hit the bus stop tires and be dropped down the order. Clutch trouble would force Anton into the pit and down the finishing positions. Try as hard as he might, Ramirez could not catch the flying Corolla. Dominic Bon would suffer from brake failure as a stone cut the rubber brake hose giving him a scary ride into the hairpin barriers. Coseteng would take the win with Kookie Ramirez in second and Louis Ramirez in third. Louis Ramirez would take the Class A win and Francis Godinez the Class B win. John Sambo would take a steady drive and take the Class C win.

The classified results were: Overall - Jody Coseteng (1st), Kookie Ramirez (2nd), Louis Ramirez (3rd). Div. A - Louis Ramirez (1st). Div. B - Francis Godinez (1st). Div. C - John Sambo (1st).

The start of Round 10 saw a much closer start as Jody Coseteng, Mike Anton and Kookie Ramirez would lead the way at the end of lap 1. It would slowly grow slowly as Coseteng set the fastest lap of the race trying to pull away from the chasing duo. It took 4 laps for Kookie Ramirez to find a way past, and this was probably due to the fact that Anton was still having some transmission problems. Monching Guitierrez, Miguel Ramirez and John Sambo were having a fun dice as the trio swapped places. Then on lap 8 Kookie Ramirez would hit trouble dropping down the order for a stop and go penalty for hitting the tires at the bus stop. Guitierrez would drop out with more car troubles. Mike Anton still had problems with the clutch and could not hold off the charging Louis Ramirez, Francis Godinez would take advantage and find a way past to claim third place in the race.

So the race ended with Jody Coseteng once again taking the win with Louis Ramirez in second and Privateer Francis Godinez in third. Godinez would also take the Super Saloon B win and John Sambo would once again take the Class C win. Sambo now cliches the Super Saloon C battle is the 2003 Super Saloon C Champion.

The classified results were: Overall - Jody Coseteng (1st), Louis Ramirez (2nd), Francis Godinez (3rd). Div. A - Louis Ramirez (1st), Nilo Pazcoguin (2nd). Div. B - Francis Godinez (1st). Div. C - John Sambo (1st).

SVI Challenge Cup

It was Gaby dela Merced of Petron Big Shot Billiards who set fastest time in the Challenge Cup qualifying, teammate Mikko David would take the second stop. Third was the Toyota of Caltex Havoline driver Peewee Mendiola slightly ahead of teammate Oscar Aguilar. Fifth was the fastest Novice driver Daryl Flores.

Gaby de la Merced Team Ultron/ Big Shots Billiards Honda would grab the lead at the start of Round 9 close behind came her teammate Mikko David. Then came the chasing Caltex Duo of Peewee Mendiola and Oscar Aguilar. Trio of SRA Racing prepared cars moved ahead of Daryl Flores as they moved to the front. On lap 2 Menchie Francisco in the Petron Sentra would move ahead of Dominic Bon, while Dominic Tan would get caught and clip the Turn 1 wall putting him out of the race.

Dela Merced and David would trade places on lap 6 as David would slip by his teammate and take the lead. Likewise Aguilar would get past Mendiola to take third place and close on the leading pair. Menchie Francisco in the Petron SRA Sentra was having a great run slowly closing on the Caltex duo ahead when a tire blow out would end her race. With Aguilar closing on her, Dela Merced would get past David and take the lead for good on the last lap.Dela Merced would take the checkered flag, followed by David in second and Aguilar in the final podium position. Daryl Flores takes the Novice Class win.

The classified results were: Overall - Gaby Dela Merced (1st), Mikko David (2nd), Oscar Aguilar (3rd). Class C - Gaby Dela Merced (1st), Oscar Aguilar (2nd). Peewee Medniola (3rd). Novice - Daryl Flores (1st).

In Round 10 David takes the lead from Dela Merced at the start of the race. Aguilar and Mendiola were the next two with the rest of the pack close behind. Things at the front were the same, but Aguilar who was third and found that he could close on the leaders but not get close enough to make a pass. The real excitement was a three-way battle between Mendiola in the Caltex Havoline Toyota Corolla, Francisco in the Petron SRA Sentra and Tan in the Mobil 1 SRA Honda Civic. These three where running close together, making good clean passes, and showing everybody how a good clean race is suppose to be. In the process Mendiola set the fastest time of the race and Tan and Francisco were the second and third fastest. This group was really moving, they were closing on the leaders. Daryl Flores was having a quiet weekend but had the Novice lead. In the end it was David who took the win but it may be taken away due to technical violations. Dela Merced was second and Aguilar was third.

The chasing trio were of the podium but got a warm applause from the crowd. Daryl Flores took the Novice win in a lonely race but drove consistently and well. Results are provisional until scrutineering reports are filed.

The classified results were: Overall - Mikko David (1st), Gaby Dela Merced (2nd), Oscar Aguilar (3rd). Class C - Gaby Dela Merced (1st), Oscar Aguilar (2nd). Peewee Medniola (3rd). Novice - Daryl Flores (1st).