The season ender of the of the BRC Touring Car Championship series ran as the support races for the final rounds of the Asian Formula 3 Series. It was an action packed race as crucial points were to be scored in this race as the points standings were very close going into the final rounds.

In the BRC Touring Car Championship, Petron SRA driver Kookie Ramirez and San Miguel Beer-Caltex Havoline driver Jody Coseteng split both rounds in very exciting championship round fashion to wow the racing fans at the jampacked Batangas Racing Circuit. While in the BRC JTC Championship, it was a hard fought race between Miguel Lazaro of Team Mozcom Nitro and Renan Morales of Shift Racing Garage as Lazaro swept both rounds to take the BRC JTC crown.

At the start it was a drag race to the first corner between Jody Coseteng and Kookie Ramirez into turn one with Ramirez taking the advantage. But in turn two, a daring dive into the inside line gives the advantage to Coseteng. Ramirez recovers and stays right on the Coseteng's tail. Right behind the leaders was an exciting duel between Dominic Bon and Philip Alvendia of Team Malayan Insurance Bridgestone Rota A3 Motorsport. And yet another duel between Rey Reyes of Autoklasse and Miguel Ramirez of Petron SRA. But by lap four, the gap would be closed down by Ramirez as he inch on to Coseteng and takes him on the first corner and starts to pull away. Reyes meanwhile spent his time lap by lap to climb up the order as the gaps widened between the cars, he was able to pass Alvendia and Bon to climb up to a comfortable third position. A hardworking Miguel Ramirez also made his way up a position overtaking Alvendia in the final moments of the race.

The race ended with Kookie Ramirez in 1st, Jody Coseteng in 2nd, Rey Reyes in 3rd, Dominc Bon in 4th, and Miguel Ramirez in 5th.

In the Junior division, it was again a heated battle between Miguel Lazaro and Renan Morales which saw several position changes between the two. Seasoned driver Peewee Mendiola maintained a safe distance from the frontrunners while an exciting battle ensued between Dahlia Guerrero and Christian Aguilar behind him. By midway, it was Guerrero who would take the upper hand and advance to fourth position while Aguilar behind him trying to fend off another lady driver, Mechie Francisco. Francisco was by this time inching her way up to gain a position, but unfortunately ran out of time as the checkered flag dropped running just half a second behind Aguilar. Lazaro crossed the finish line a lap ahead of Morales to capture his first victory of the day to extend his championship points lead. Dominic Tan didn't have much luck as he retired in the 10th lap due to mechanical problems.

The results as the checkered flag dropped were as follows: Miguel Lazaro in 1st, Renan Morales in 2nd, Peewee Mendiola in 3rd, Dahlia Guerrero in 4th and Christina Aguilar in 5th.

In the final round, a fantastic start for Jody Coseteng as he gets ahead of Kookie Ramirez taking the first turn advantage and pulls away from the pack. Also making a good start was Dominic Bon who started fourth in the grid, went straight on the tail of Ramirez and managed to take Ramirez on turn three. A hard charging Ramirez would later find his way through Bon on the next lap to try to catch up to Coseteng who was beginning to pull away. A hard charging Rey Reyes meanwhile worked his way up the order again through Philip Alvendia whom he was able to get way from early on in the race as the latter spun out midway through the race. Reyes then went to challenge Bon whom he was able to dispatch with ease to advance to secure another third place for the season closer.

Meanwhile up in front, driving like a madman blazing through the track with 1:48 laptimes was Kookie Ramirez who was bent on catching up to Coseteng. Ramirez set a fastest laptime of 1:48.452 in the process as he continued to press on and close the gap on Coseteng, giving him a run for his money. Towards the last corner, it was a neck and neck battle as Coseteng manages a hairline victory as the two cross the finish line almost side by side.

The race ended with Jody Coseteng in 1st, Kookie Ramirez in 2nd, Rey Reyes in 3rd, Dominic Bon in 4th and Philip Alvendia in 5th.

Showing that they themselves had something up their sleeve was the junior class with a spectacular performance by Dahlia Guerrero managing to climb up the order and challenging frontrunners Miguel Lazaro and Renan Morales who were busy having their own duel as Guerrero caught them by surprise. Guerrero first overook Lazaro as she set herself up for a maneuver on Morales on the next two laps which she was able to pull away with. Lazaro who was running closely grabbed the opportunity to get ahead of Morales. After two laps of closing the gap, Lazaro saw an opening in the first turn and made a daring dive on Guerrero who made a late effort to shut the door as Lazaro, who had the line just forced his way through taking the lead. Guerrero spun out and was safely avoided by Morales who advanced up to second. Guerrero quickly recovered and maintained her position but was unable to catch up again.

The results were as follows: Miguel Lazaro in 1st, Renan Morales in 2nd, Dahlia Guerrero in 3rd, Peewee Mendiola in 4th and Christina Aguilar in 5th.