Du-aw Dabaw, was the theme of the 2004 Kadayawan Festival in Davao City highlighted by a parade of floats and marching bands. It was not all about floats and bands as the Eagle Off-Roaders hosted a different kind of festivities at the 4th Kadayawan Off-Road Challenge in cooperation with Caltex Delo Sports, FB Battery, and Goodyear at the Eagles' Race Track in Maa town.

The event was participated by 25 off-roaders from Eagle Off-Roaders Club, 4Wheelers Davao, MAO-RA, 4Wheelers Dadiangas, CDO Off-Road Club, GenSan 4x4 Fun Club , and the Manila Off-Roaders Inc. The track was relatively dry as the sun was up for the weekend-long race festivities.

Two lengthwise tracks composed of jumps, table tops, mudpit, v-canals, chocolate hills and uneven potholes. A total of 16 participants out of the 22 starters managed to finish in both tracks. The track layout for this year was relatively easy compared to the one they had last year.

Track A was the more difficult track in this competition, there was even a special truck towing obstacle placed after the series of v-canals before the home-stretch, which competitors found to be quite interesting. Emerging top qualifier was Timtom Gempesaw of 4Wheelers Davao clocking in at bilstering 2:20.75 more than half a minute of Albert Monte de Ramos of the CDO Off-Roaders who logged in an elapsed time of 2:52.25. Concon Fernando of 4Wheelers Dadiangas followed 3 seconds behind in third with 2:55.25. Richard Emano of the CDO Off-Road Club finished with a 3:02.44 for 4th while Rocke Selga clocked in just under a second behind with 3:03.31 to round up the top 5 finishers for Track A.

Track B would seem like a walk in the park for many participants as all of them were able to finish the course in less than 4 minutes. Most of the competitors were able to go through the track in 2 minutes or less. Setting the best time for the track was Albert Monte de Ramos of the CDO Off-Road Club with a blistering 1:15.53 elapsed time. Second best time was 4Wheelers Dadiangas' Concon Fernando who clocked in at 1:26.62. Third best time was Joey Salangsang of the GenSan 4x4 Fun Club with 1:28.97. Timtom Gempesaw came up with a very close elapsed time of 1:29.78 to clinch 4th best time of the track and a good top seeding for the final round. Rocke Selga from the host club aboard his trusty Suzuki Samurai managed a 1:39.50 elapsed time to round up the top five runners for Track B.

Track C was run as a combination of tracks A and B sans the truck towing. A good combination of an fairly easy Track B and a technical Track A which had a deep enough mud pit to require winching after the abuse during the eliminationround. Eleven of the top 15 drivers managed to finish the course. Unexpectedly, it would be Rocke Selga piloting the smallest vehicle among the top-15 runners who would negotiate the course in the least amount of time, clocking in at 4:23.53. The hometown hero was applauded by the jubilant crowd. To secure himself of a sure win as top seed Timtom Gempesaw rolled his vehicle over, Albert Monte de Ramos tried to best if not equal Selga's time, he managed to clock in at 4:27.47. Third best time for Track C was a 4:34.59 set by Richard Emano of the CDO Off-Roaders. Michael Cerin of the 4Wheelers Davao clocked in at 4:50.15 to get 4th best run in the final round. A 5:04.59 final round run by 4Wheelers Dadiangas' Concon Fernando was more than enough of a safety net for him to retain third spot for the final tally.

Victorious at the end of the final round was Albert Monte de Ramos of the CDO Off-Roaders whose consistent runs for all three tracks made it all possible for a total time of 8:35.25. Coming in second was the host club's Rocke Selga with a total time of 9:06.34. 4Wheelers Dadiangas' Concon Fernando kept third spot. Richard Sy of the Manila Off-Roaders Inc., captured himself a 4th overall finish while Richard Emano of the CDO Off-Roaders rounded up the top 5.