Autocross is pretty similar to slalom, with the addition of longer stretches for the cars to reach faster speeds. Participants have to enter specific gates marked by pylons lined-up throughout the track, if a gate is missed; the participant is automatically disqualified and given a DNF. It is one of the grassroot levels of motorsport and is easy to participate in and requires only a helmet, driver's license, physically fit driver, and a safe car to join.

The author was fortunate enough to ride shotgun with David Feliciano of DMF Motorsports aboard his Honda Civic EK4 to get a feel how it is like in an autocross and what it takes to get a quick time in an autocross. Quick reflexes, well timed acceleration, braking, and precision turning are among the most prominent skills required to be competitive.

The third leg of the PLDT MyDSL-Petron Autocross Series held at the Bay Boulevard saw more than 30 participants burning rubber on the tarmac. There are a total of 17-classes, these are: Novice-stock, Experienced-stock, Novice Modified A, Novice Modified B, Novice Modified C, Experienced Modified A, Experienced Modified B, Experienced Modified C, Rear Wheel Drive, Open A, Open B, Open C, All Honda, All Mitsubishi, All Toyota, All VW, and 1300 Turbo.

In the 14-participant Novice-stock class, Joward Policarpio took home the win as Aldrich Garcia and Marcus Timbol rounded up the top three respectively. Meanwhile, the Experienced stock class was won by Noel Rivera, followed by Boyet Policarpio and Steve Acayan.

Novice Modified A was won by Douglas Maningding, followed by Marc Thomann and Kathy Maningding. In Novice Modified B, Vicjay Nodalo set a blistering pace and took everybody by surprise with a 54.40 time, Butch Orbita and DJ De Guzman followed in second and third respectively. In Novice Modified C, Vicjay Nodalo again took home the win, this time DJ De Guzman took second while Butch Orbita ended in third.

Uly Maningding swept away the competition in the Experienced Modified division taking all three classes by storm. Anthony Protacio and Gerry Reyes rounded up Experienced Modified A with the second and third positions. David Feliciano and Anthony Protacio took home the final podium spots in Experienced Modified B. And in Experienced Modified C, it was Tristan Magbanua and Joey Escalante taking home second and third.

In the Rear Wheel Drive class it was Peewee Mendiola over David Feliciano and Chukri Prieto. Open A saw Uly Maningding taking the win over Peewee Mendiola and David Feliciano. In Open B, Uly Maningding set the fastest time of the day of 51.47s winning over Vicjay Nodalo and Peewee Mendiola. In Open C, Peewee Mendiola managed to break Uly Maningding's streak as relegated Maningding to third, while Vicjay Nodalo took second place.

In the All-Toyota Class, it was Uly Maningding over Gerry Reyes and Butch Orbita. In All-Honda, Uly Maningding again showed his superiority over Vicjay Nodalo and Anthony Protacio. Tristan Magbanua dominated the All-Mitsubishi class over JR Costales and Aaron Favila. The All-VW class was won by Carlo Castaneda with Cesar Martinez and Armand Hipolito taking home second and third.

Paolo Arescochaga bagged the 1300 Turbo class over Joey Escalante and Joey Howard. In the Overall standings, it was Uly Maningding on top of the charts with Peewee Mendiola in second, Vicjay Nodalo in third, David Feliciano in fourth and Anthony Protacio, fifth. Vicjay Nodalo was the fastest among the Novice drivers.

The 2005 PLDT MyDSL-Petron Autocross Series is organized by Shago Racing and is sanctioned by the Automobile Association of the Philippines. The next leg of the series will be held on October 16, 2005 at the Bay Boulevard, Pasay City.