The 2nd annual Interschool Kartfest Finals took place this past November 19, 2006, Sunday at the Manila Speedzone at The Fort. The Interschool Kartfest is a grassroots karting competition organized by Tuason Racing School that pits budding racers from different universities that include Ateneo De Manila, De La Salle Taft, De La Salle College of St. Benilde, The University of the Philippines, Entrepreneur School of Asia, San Beda College, Don Bosco and many others in a race to see who's school spirit and racing skills can succeed in becoming the next Interschool Kartfest Champion.

This year's race had two events where students could prove themselves in the racing arena, the Individual Sprint and the 2 hour group Endurance Race. Those who raced in the Individual Sprint and 2 Hour group Endurance Race on November 19 th came from an arduous qualifying race that was held for each school during the 2 previous months. After hundreds of registrants vied to qualify, in the end, only 64 individuals from different schools qualified for the Sprint while 15 Teams qualified for the 2 Hour Endurance Race.

During Finals day, the 64 Sprint racers were divided into four brackets where the top 7 of each bracket were given the chance to race in the pre-finals. The pre-finals had two brackets, and the top 7 of each reached the finals. In the finals were Evan Severino, Raphi Aregado, Marc Beton, Franco Venegas, Cedu Ocsor, Luigi Cupino, Ivan Isada, Marc Avila, James Yabut, Matthew Romualdez, AutoIndustriya's very own Vic Rosales, Arvin Pessumal, JR Caparanoca, Justin Hermoso and Andre Ramirez. Taking Pole Position for the race was Evan Severino with a heart stopping time of 57.278 followed by Raphi Aregado with 59.823 and Marc Beton with 59.313. The race itself started of hotly contested with everyone jumping for the first corner. It was a tight race and so intense that the barriers of the Manila Speedzone track were moved from several crashes, but in the end it was Evan Severino from DLSU-CSB that took the Gold for the Sprint Category. Evan Severino of CSB posted the best time of 56.666 seconds up against second placer Franco Venegas of University of Asia and the Pacific with 58.274 seconds and Ralph Aregado 58.735 seconds of Ateneo de Manila University.

The 2 Hour Endurance Race gave fifteen teams; Speedstar of UA&P, Kalayaan Team of Kalayaan College, Borj Team of Don Bosco, Project D of Don Bosco, Miriam Team of Miriam College, RSYC Team of RSYC, St. Benilde Team of CSB, Team Pura of Ateneo, Team XS of Ateneo, MLG of La Salle, Hyperion of La Salle, Green Karters of La Salle, Banana of La Salle, 5 Chicken of La Salle and the Virgins of San Beda Alabang a chance to pit their racing and managerial skills to claim to be the best.

Each team before the finals race qualified for their grid position. Once the Philippine flag was dropped, each team had to race, manage their fuel and make sure their members were on the track at least 22 minutes each. It was an intense race with 3 teams suffering blow outs early in the game. Despite 3 karts losing their belts and the belts being left on the track for most of the race, lots of dicing happened and overtaking kept things exciting when teams started jumping up the ranking even from low grid starts. An example of which was Team Ford RSYC which jumped from 7 th at grid start to 1 st place early on in the race due to the consistent driving of Vic Rosales. Evan Severino who was leading the race early on had to pit when his kart blew its belt.

When the checkered flag was finally raised, Team Hyperion of DLSU won the endurance competition with a 1 lap lead. The drivers were Julius Yparraguire, Eric Tan, Emil Ferrolino, and Jonathan Lim with Team Captain Christopher Kho. They finished a total of 111 laps against second placer Team XS of Ateneo which won last years Kartfest Endurance Race and 3rd placer Team CSB of the DLSU-College of St. Benilde. Team Ford RSYC which was able to gain the lead early on was only able to keep itself to 4th place in the end. Team Hyperion took home a 20,000 peso cash prize and a trophy.

To top it all off, Kartfest held its own beauty pageant having each school have a representative to vie for Track Queen. This year's Track Queen was Ateneo's very own Alex Infante who was awarded along with the winners of the Sprint and Endurance Race.

The Interschool Kartfest was organized by Tuason Racing School and was powered by Ford, Manila Speedzone, Strong Ice, Ultron, Blaze, Addict mobile prepaid, Oakley, Starbright Bodykits, Campus Radio 97.1 LS FM, Yehey! Hotwire, and HAS