Jody Coseteng and Uly Maninding split wins in the fourth leg of the Philippine Touring Car Championships with the young Maninding scoring his first win as he stopped Coseteng's win streak at 7. In Group 3, it was all novice driver Alvin Santos as he dominated both races.

In Group 1 qualifying, it was San Mig Coffee Racing Team's Jody Coseteng who took charge setting a 1m30.41s best laptime for pole position. Coming in on the second grid spot was Uly Maninding of Team Explorer with 1m31.19s, while Kookie Ramirez of Petron SRA comes in third with a 1m31.31s time. A very close qualifying session with the top three runners within a fraction of a second.

Jody Coseteng went on to take the early lead in morning race and never looked back as he went unchallenged by the rest. Second pole runner Maninding on the other hand struggled the whole race with his car bugged by mechanical problems. He ended up retiring after running 10 dismal laps with a limping car. Louis Ramirez edged his brother Kookie Ramirez for second place and even set the fastest time of 1m30.30s. At the back of the grid was a battle for Class C between Nico Montinola of Akula Racing and Jonathan Buxton of Scarborough Racing, it ended up with Buxton getting ahead of Montinola.

At the checkered flag it was, Jody Coseteng in first, Louis Ramirez in second, and Kookie Ramirez in third.

Maninding made a daring move on Coseteng at the start of the afternoon race taking the early lead going out of the turn two. However the relentless veteran Coseteng was not one to give up easily as he retook the lead just before going into the hairpin. Coseteng managed to extend his lead roaring away from the pack. Louis Ramirez would manage to slip past Maninding just before the rain poured down on the track for a wet and wild race. Falling victim to the rain was Kookie Ramirez who had the worst of luck spinning three times after the exit of the last turn into the main straight. This prompted race officials to bring out the safety car as the rain relentless poured down on the track. This effective cut down whatever lead Coseteng managed to make.

As the conditions improved, the officials decided to bring the safety car back to the pits and the action went on again. Coseteng managed to pull away again, but a hard charging Maninding was also catching up as he managed to get past Louis Ramirez. Maninding then went on to challenge veteran driver Coseteng for the race lead, which he succeeded in taking a few laps after and extended it further as the veteran struggled with traction problems in the rain.

At the checkered it was Uly Maninding in first, Jody Coseteng in second, and Louis Ramirez in third.

In Round 7 of Group 3 it was Alvin Santos of Mark Young Racing Team who dominated the race after the taking the lead right from the start of the race. A hard charging Bingo Valero of Bosch-Intelco Racing manages to overtake Tuason Racing's Stuart McDonald a few laps after. His troubles were not yet over as still had to deal with yet another relentless driver. JP Carino however was not able to pass McDonald who blocked every possible entry point defending his final podium spot. Losing out the most was Chris Guevara who despite starting in third ended up retiring after 4 laps of racing.

At the checkered flag, it was Alvin Santos in first, Bingo Valero in second, Stuart McDonald in third.

In Round 8, it was still Alvin Santos dominating the race from start to finish. But it was not all the same story behind him as Doby Atilano managed to slip behind the race leader into second securing himself of a good position as cars behind him hustled for position. Fireworks went off by lap 5 between JP Carino and Stuart McDonald coming from the back straight. Carino retired the lap after due to damage to his vehicle. And yet another disappointing race for Guevara, who once again retired after holding a brief second place early on in the race.

Valero meanwhile was held back by the two Fords for most of the race only to find a way past Juny Binamira of TRS towards the latter part of the race. There was an exciting series of position exchanges between Bosch Intelco's Angelo Tambo and Jonmark Ong of Carmover/Team ART as the two fought for valuable driver championship points.

At the checkered it was Alvin Santos in first, Doby Atilano in second and Stuart McDonald in third.