2007 Lateral D Champion Alex "X" Perez started the 2008 season on a high note by winning the first race of the season held at the Greenhills Shopping Center Parking Lot. Perez bested 29 other drivers in the season opener despite having to drive a spare car as his Nissan S13 blew its engine in the practice round the day before.

Many new faces debuted for the 2008 season including celebrities such as movie actor Ryan Agoncillo and Atoy Llave of A-toy Bodykits. It was a monumental participation for Llave as he made it as far as the Top 8, despite being starting drifting just months prior to the event. Lady drifter Michelle Yu from Cebu was the only female competitor to make it to the Top 16. The Top 16 competitors were, Jason Choachuy, Kevin Tayao, Alex Perez, Audel Sison, Ian King, Joema Montaner, Brian Revilla, Benjo Cueto, Naji Hasouf, Ian Mathay, Derrick Chiongbian, Dan Javier, Chukri Prieto, Michelle Yu, Mark Francisco, and Atoy Llave.

Among the sixteen qualifiers, emerged eight for the head-to-head or tandem quarterfinal round. It was a matchup between, Choachuy and King; Tayao and Llave; Hasouf and Sison; Prieto and Perez. The final four were Choachuy, Perez, Tayao and Sison, wherein Choachuy and Tayao would be eliminated leaving Perez and Sison to battle it out for the final round.

In a highly competitive and action packed matchup, the defending champion Perez would route his opponent Sison thereby taking the first win for the season. The "X" is banking on taking a back-to-back win this year and be in the record books as the first back-to-back winner of the Lateral D Drift Championship Series.

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