Thirty-four participants came to challenge the final round of the 2008 Glade Sport Lateral Drift Championship, which was held at the Greenhills Promenade Parking Lot in San Juan City. Some new personalities who were recently bit by the drifting bug joined in on the fun, they were C! Magazine Editor-in-Chief James Deakin and Autoplus Chief Engineer Francisco "Zohan" Blanco who both drove the Goodyear R32 Skyline GT-S. Judges for the final round were Mon Rayos, Kim Garcia, and Paolo "Speedyballs" Arespacochaga.

The elimination round went on smoothly as competitors finished their three runs determining who gets into the Top 16 ladder. However, the skies suddenly turned dark and poured down on the track as the Top 16 scores were being tallied, causing an almost 2-hour delay. This also prompted organizers to run the Top 16 in solo, for safety reasons. The Top 16 qualifiers were, Paolo Agregado, Ron Bayona, Giovan Bernardino, Jason Choachuy, Paolo Esguerra, Marr Francisco, Dan Javier, Atoy Llave, Jet Mathay, Joma Montaner, RJ Obiedo, Alex Perez, Chukri Prieto, Bryan Revilla, Audel Sison, Kevin Tayao. Top qualifier Jason Choachuy received a free one-year C! Magazine subscription.

For the Top 8 pairings it would be, Choachuy against Prieto; Tayao against Bernardino; Perez against Mathay; and Bayona against Revilla. Prieto, who was on fire that day on his Cefiro, would pull an upset on top-qualifier Choachuy who drove his S13 Silvia. Tayao sent the crowd cheering and up on their feet as he pulled a daring overtake with his AE86 on Bernardino's Cefiro coming out of the Glade Sport turn. Aboard his trusty S13 Perez used his experience to easily dispatch rookie of the year contender Mathay who had to drive a substitute car as his engine went out of commission. Bayona would outmaneuver Revilla's S13 with his AE86 to advance to the semi-finals.

The semi-final round competitors were Alex Perez, Ron Bayona, Chukri Prieto, and Kevin Tayao. Perez dispatched Bayona with much ease in two rounds, setting his sights on the top trophy. Prieto took the first lead from a hard charging Tayao, almost replicating his overtaking maneuver on Prieto, however a spinout by Prieto quickly handed over the win to Tayao. With Tayao, leading the second run, he never looked back and finished off Prieto to advance to the final against Perez.

In the final showdown, it was between Perez and Tayao, a rematch of Round 2, while Bayona would go against Prieto to determine who gets the final podium spot. Bayona, took the victory and celebrated one of his memorable birthdays as he steps on the podium for the first time. As history repeats itself, Tayao would edge Perez another time for the win in three runs. Perez however claims the championship crown as he scored more points than Tayao who missed out on two events due to mechanical problems.

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