The second round of Formula Drift 2010 action came to the island city-state of Singapore and was held at the Formula One pit building. The small country is slowly making big waves in motorsports with its pioneering Formula One night race and the upcoming Changi Motorsports Hub which is due to open in 2012. Top drifters from all over the world came to partake in Formula Drift's Singapore round headed by the favorites like Ryuji Miki of Japan, Tengku Djan Ley of Malaysia and "Fanga Dan" Woolhouse of New Zealand who filled in for an absent "Mad Mike" Whiddett for New Zealand.


A total number of 42 drifters battled it out in the eliminations on Saturday. Each of the drifters are given two runs for the qualifying sessions. Everyone started out with 100 points each and each time a mistake was committed, points were deducted based on their entry speed, angle of attack, tire smoke and technique. After the tire smoke has settled, D1 Japan drifter Ryuji Miki topped the scorecards with a flawless drive and a score of 85.3. Fellow countryman Atsushi Murata came in second while Round 1 winner Tengku Djan Ley qualified in a strong third position. Only 29 out of the 42 drivers managed to qualify for Sunday's main event, which included lone Philippine contender David Feliciano.


Sunday's crowd proved the ever-growing popularity of drifting as an estimated 8,000 tickets were sold out for the finals. The Top 32 tandems went through with ease as the crowd favorites advanced to the Top 16. Going through to the Top 16 tandem matchups were: Ryuji Miki versus Rhenadi Arinton; Tan Tat Wei versus Ivan Lau; Nitipat Lamaikul versus Emmanuel Adwitya Amandio; Davide Dorigo versus Ser Ming Hui; Atsushi Murata versus Hanizam Bin Hamzah; Chanapol Kerdpiam verus Dan Woolhouse; Tengku Djan Ley versus Kiki Sak Nana; and Lim Kim Wan versus David Feliciano.

Top 16

Drama ensued on the first tandem run of the top 16 eliminations as number one qualifier Ryuji Miki of Japan in his Nissan got eliminated by Rhenadi Arinton of Indonesia. Miki over corrected and spun out on the exit of the first clipping point in the lead car position. The judges awarded the victory to Arinton proving once again that drifting is very unpredictable. With the top seed out all eyes were fixed on the battle between Tengku Djan and Kiki Sak Nana in their respective S15's. These two are the "royals" of Asian drifting as Tengku Djan is called the "Prince of Drift" while Kiki Sak Nana is the "Thai Drift King". The prince was too much for the king as Tengku Djan was far more consistent and got the nod of the judges and moved on.

Great 8

The great 8 matchups would be: Rhenadi Arinton versus Tan Tat Wei; Nitipat Lamaikul versus Davide Dorigo; Hanizam Bin Hamzah versus Dan Woolhouse; and Tengku Djan Ley versus Lim Kim Wan.

Tan Tat Wei in his 13bt powered AE86 coupe had a fairly easy round against Rhenadi Arinton in his S13 as the latter spun on his first run, digging himself a hole too deep to climb out of. Tan Tat Wei gave his next run a lot of consistency and moved on to the Final 4. "Fanga Dan" Woolhouse in his RB26 powered Holden Commodore lorded it over the A31 Cefiro of Hanizam Bin Hamzah but not after undergoing a "one more time" as both scored perfectly in their first tandem battle. Davide Dorigo and Tenggku Djan cruised to top 4 as well after disposing off their respective rivals.

Final 4

On to the most important part of the weekend the top 4 to determine who slugs it out for the final podium positions.

Tan Tat Wei of Malaysia was now up against Davide Dorigo while Tengku Djan goes up against Dan Woolhouse. Tan Tat Wei came out victorious inspite of Dorigo's 124.1 km/h entry speed. Wei's aggressive style in the infield section of the course continued to pay dividends for him. He seems to be better suited to his now rotary powered 86. Tengku Dyan in his S15 Silvia was now up against surprise rookie Dan Woolhouse driving a RB26 powered Holden GTO. Woolhouse entered the speed traps at 117 km/h compared to Djan's 114 km/h but Tengu Djan was so much stronger in the infield of the course matching every maneuver of Dan Woolhouse. In the end, the prince of drift showed why he's the clear favorite, getting good scores form the three judges to make it to the finals for the second event in a row. This now sets up a battle between countrymen and Bridgestone runners for the finals as Tan Tat Wei will race against Tengku Djan.


The battle for the final podium position was intense and it was as if it was the battle for the top spot. Dan Woolhouse and Davide Dorigo had to go at it one more time as the judges were having a hard time sorting out who the winner is. Woolhouse brought out all his driving tricks out of his pocket and edged out Dorigo to take third place honors and be the top rookie of the competition.


With the way Tengku Djan was running the whole weekend, there was no stopping the prince of drift. Tan Tat Wei had to slay a giant and he gave it his best. His best wasn't enough though as Djan was so consistent the whole weekend that he made it look like the finals was a walk in the park. Wei's AE86 was nowhere near the S15 Silvia of Tengku Djan thus earning the latter his second win in a row in the 2010 Formula Drift and a commanding lead in the championship. The third round of Formula drift heads to Jakarta, Indonesia. Make sure you follow our coverage of the 2010 Formula Drift Championships.