The carnage continued during morning practice for the second day of the event with car parts scattering all over the track. Ending his day early was local driver Nazrul Afifi whose Nissan Cefiro A31 suffered a bad crash in practice. Charles Ng had another argument with the barriers further damaging the rear end of his Toyota Chaser forcing his crew to remove the trunk and work double-time for the car to make it through.

Round of 32

The Round of 32 bracket was determined according to qualifying positions and arranged in a ladder format as each pair tried to knock each other out until the final battle.

Top qualifier Templeman easily dispatched local driver Kevin Rajoo;

Ee Yoong Chern showed that he was the better Malaysia driver against Hanizam bin Hamzah;

Emmanuel Adwitya Amandio made the best out of his newly acquired Toyota AE86 (reportedly RM100,000; because of customs delay) outdrove Tan Tat Wei in his rotary engine powered Toyota AE86 to advance;

2008 D1GP Champion Daigo Saito drove the TRC Toyota Aristo and took Thai Davide Dorigo to school easily advancing to the next round;

Thai driver Wattanaporn (aka Joe) aboard his Nissan S13 got a free pass as Malaysian Lim Zee King's car was not finished in time for the round;

Thai Nattawoot (aka Oat) and Malaysian Ivan Lau of Federation D had a close battle as judges called for one more time with Oat advancing with a more consistent run;

Thai Non Saranon of Team M-150 Overdrive went against teammate Amm Kason. Fresh from his victory in Thailand, Non Saranon edged out his teammate to advance.

Drifting with more angle, a lot more power, and everything just going his way, Kokae easily defeated Filipino driver Feliciano;

Hong Kong driver Charles Ng aboard his far from decent looking Toyota Chaser manages to outdrive Malaysain Mohd Fazreen Ismail to advance;

Team M-150 Overdrive's Mai Chaiwat beats his Thai compatriot and teammate Keak Rapee for an easy advance into the next round;

Rowdy Rhenadi Arinton of Indonesia manages to outsmart Malaysian Michael Gan to advance with a disappointing victory;

Literally handing the platter to Ser Meng Hui was Tengku Djan Ley, who carelessly spun out in what was supposed to be his victory run after leading the first run. This sent the crowd in disappointed as the Prince of Drift was officially out of competition and possibly the title chase;

Hashiguti Anderson Toyoshi advanced over Zaiham Hamdan as the latter crashed his Nissan S15 hard into the barriers and failed to repair it within the five-minute technical timeout period;

Malaysian Mervyn Nakamura carried too much speed going into the second clipping point, hitting the barrier which sent his car up in the air causing significant damage as his Nissan Cefiro A31 came down hard, this handed the easy victory to Indonesian Rifat Sungkar;

Benefiting from Nazrul Afifi's morning practice crash, Thai driver Pop took a free pass into the Sweet 16 round.

Sweet 16

Templeman easily dispatched Yoong Cherng to advance to the Elite 8;

Veteran Miki showed the young Amandio that he needed more than just technique to get far in drifting as experience played its role as the Japanese driver advanced;

The most interesting battle of the round was between Joe and Saito with Joe taking the near win as Saito spun out while chasing him into the hairpun. An unfortunate crash for Joe exiting the hairpin cost him the win and eventually shook him going through the One More Time run handing the victory to Saito;

More determined to advance with his eye on the championship was Non, who defeated his Thai compatriot Oat;

Kokae pulled more tricks out of his sleeve and outdrove Charles Ng in the critical hairpin to advance;

Despite hitting the wall in the second clipping point, Rhenadi was still lucky as Mai Chaiwat's car came crashing into the wall at the hairpin causing significant damage to the car forcing the Thai to retire;

Fresh from defeating the crowd favorite, lone Malaysian left in competition Ser Meng Hui outdrove Hashiguti in every point of the track to ensure his advance into the next round;

Rifat easily advanced to the next round with two critical spinouts by Thai drifter Pop who had trouble driving his V8-powered Soarer.

Elite 8

Experience further played its role when Templeman met Miki in the Elite-8 round as Miki forces a mistake out of the Kiwi driver to advance to the semi-finals;

In a tight battle between 2010 Formula Drift Thailand Champion Non Saranon and former D1GP champion Daigo Saito, judges called for a One More Time. Non continued to fight on with the championship at stake, however Saito moves on. This meant Tengku Djan keeps his championship lead and title;

After a close battle with each driver exchanging positions Kokae and Rhenadi were made to go One More Time. With a serious mistake crashing into the wall at the second clipping point, Rhenadi hands over the win to Kokae.

The crowd roared and cheered as local competitor Ser Meng Hui aka Ah Fai was only hope for the Malaysians as he went against Indonesian driver Rifat. A close first set prompted judges calling for One More Time. A serious mistake for Rifat as he snipped the wall of the second clip virtually meant Ah Fai would advance, however by some twist of fate his power steering belt would come off causing him to crash into the hairpin. The damage however proved to be more than cosmetic as his suspension gave up midway through the rerun. Rifat advances into the semis.

Top 4

It was like a Japanese sword duel as two former D1GP champions met head-to-head to determine who gets to battle for the top prize. Saito would manage to advance over Miki despite the near undecided results of their second run;

Maintaining his cool with his eye on the prize, Kokae edged out Rifat to advance to the finals.


The battle for third was to be decided between Ryuji Miki and Rifat Sungkar both driving Nissans; Miki aboard an S15 while Rifat about an S13. With tremendous pressure, Rifat committed critical errors as a more experienced Miki went on to take third place to vindicate his poor performance in Thailand.

In the championship battle, Saito stuck his Artisto inches from Kokae's Cefiro as the Japanese driver chased the Thai during their first run. With Saito leading the second run, Kokae returned the favor, as the two were nearly neck and neck. However, Kokae failed to notice Saito slowing down into the hairpin and nearly spun out trying to avoid hitting. This dear mistake cost Kokae the win, relegating him to second as Daigo Saito celebrated victory in the 2010 Formula Drift Malaysia.

Despite getting knocked out early in competition, the Price of Drift Tengku Djan Ley still managed to clinch the 2010 Formula Drift Asia championship, as he scored the most points from all three rounds.