The 2010 Glade Sport Lateral Drift Championship resumed its second round once again at the Eastwood City Open Parking Lot for another weekend of smoking tires and exciting sideways action. However, several competitors for both the pro and amateur classes were not able to make it due to car troubles suffered from the opening round.

Absent from competition were Pro drivers Jason Choachuy, Atoy Llave, Jet Mathay and Chukri Prieto. This cut the pro class down to only 13 competitors with three drivers getting bye-runs for their Top 16 tandem runs, giving them an easy entry into the Elite 8. Leading the qualifiers was multi-champion Alex Perez of Team Yellow Cab. Following Perez were Raymond Ronquillo of R33, Jeff Villanueva of Team Forced Speed-Teleserv-Kumho Tires, Audel Sison of Fern-C Racing, Pacho Blanco of, Bryan Revilla of Team Ultra Racing, Paolo Agregado, Joema Montaner, Gio Rodriguez, John Boban of Driftmob, Boodie Dabasol, Kevin Tayao of Team Yellow Cab and RJ Obiedo of Team Forced Speed-Teleserv-Hankook Tires.

The winners in the Top 16 would advanced to the Elite 8 to battle for the semifinal spots. Battling it out were Perez and Montaner; Ronquillo and Agregado; Villanueva and Revilla; Sison and Blanco.

The semifinal matchups were between Perez and Blanco; Ronquillo and Revilla, to determine who will battle for the top spot and the final podium spot. Blanco would manage to outrun a more seasoned Perez to advance to the finals, while Ronquillo benefited from an early mistake by Revilla for the remaining slot to vie for the top spot.

Perez would trounce Revilla for the win as he showed more composure to take the final podium spot. It was a heartbreaking finals run for Blanco, who virtually handed over the win to Ronquillo when he spun out in the first of their two tandem runs being the chase car. Ronquillo would walk away the winner as he drove a consistent second heat chasing Blanco.

A total of seventeen Amateur class participants took part in the second round with Ryan Agoncillo of Team Yellow Cab topping the judging sheets to advance to the Top 16 Tandems. Other qualifiers were Mark Rosca of Team Forced Speed-Teleserv-Kumho Tires, JP Tuason of TRS, Gaby Dela Merced of Team A-toy Bodykits-DC Shoes, Bjorn Ongtiaobok of TRS, Jayson Lao, Marron Soriano, Bingbong Lingat, Pia Boren, Norman Agojo, Rhett Del Rosario, Mike Tuason of TRS, Kar Montaner, Ryan Dimarucut, Jason Recana, and Julius Dela Cruz.

The Elite 8 tandem pairings were Agoncillo against Montaner, Rosca against Agojo, JP Tuason against Lingat, and Ongtiaobok, against Lao. Agoncillo would easily dispatch Montaner, while Agojo pulled a few tricks out of his hat to beat Rosca, while teammates Tuason and Ongtiaobok, who shared the same Mazda BT-50 advanced to the semifinals as well.

In the finals, Agojo managed to outmaneuver Ongtiaobok to countersteer to the top spot, while JP Tuason manages to outdrift Agoncillo for the final podium spot.

The third round of the championship moves to the Clark International Speedway for more exciting and more challenging drift action on May 22-23. The 2010 Glade Sport Lateral Drift Pro-Am Championship is also supported by PLDT MyDSL, M-150, Goodyear, Falken, Hankook, Starfire, Concept One, FixStop,, Wave89.1, TopGear Magazine, Stoplight, and the Manila International Auto Show.