Three months after their last drift fest at the King’s Playground at the FTI Complex, Car Porn Racing once again brought excitement to the drifting scene with the Jaguar Drift Fest last September 22, 2012. Just like their previous events, hundreds of fans flocked the event to watch and show support to their favorite drift teams.

Fans were already enjoying the festivities as the drivers ran their practice laps, but they sure enjoyed it more when the drift train rolled out. The drift train is basically a number of cars drifting on the track simultaneously. Although it is very entertaining to watch a number of drift cars gliding gracefully around the track, it sure takes some experience before one could hop on to join a drift train as it only takes one car to cause a 'train wreck'. Fortunately no such thing happened that day as the drivers enjoyed their synchronized drift around the track.

Aside from the drift train, a Jaguar XK-R made exhibition drift runs around the track by Car Porn Racing's very own Ian King to further add excitement to the day. Cheers were heard from the jam-packed bleachers as the Jaguar drifted around the track and let out exhaust notes that resembled a Jag's roar. Miss Formula Drift USA 2010, Melyssa Grace came all the way from the United States to serve as one of the judges for the event and even did some drifting stunt on her own to prove that she's credible enough to judge the event.

One more thing that made the event exciting for both the participants and spectators was 'the wall'. The organizers wanted to further challenge and elevate the drifting skills of our local drifters by placing several concrete barriers on the track to form a wall. Most of the drifters in the professional category, and even those that are in the novice sure did see it as a challenge and kept on trying to get as close to it as possible while some tried to avoid it completely and giving up precious points for the sake of avoiding damage to their cars. But nonetheless, 'the wall' sure did make the drivers take the track seriously and made a good show for the fans to see.

As the 26 drivers for both the novice and professional categories prepared for their official runs, the skies opened and poured down leaving puddles of water in several parts of the track, which obviously made the track harder to tackle. This also prompted organizers to suspend the competition temporarily due to safety reasons. As soon as the heavy rain stopped, the competition resumed giving both the judges and the crowd a good show.

Facing off in the pro division top 16 were Boodie Dabasol and Kar Montaner with Boodie easily beating Kar. Alex Perez meanwhile advanced to the top 8 as he beat teammate Ryan Agoncillo who was driving his spare Skyline R34 because his Yellow Cab S13 blew its engine during the practice sessions earlier that day. Pao Agregado grabs a spot on the top 8 drivers as he defeats Drift Mob driver John Boban. Young pro driver Gio Rodriguez defeated his team boss Atoy Llave of Atoy Bodykits easily as the former had some issues with his Hyundai Genesis due to an incident with a barrier earlier in practice. Ralph Tan lost a spot in the top 8 to Raymond Ronquillo. John Boban defeated Jet Mathay to secure his slot at the top 8 driver's slot. Meanwhile top 2 qualifiers David Feliciano of DMF Drift and Audel Sison were given bye-runs automatically advancing to the top 8, because there were only 14 competitors who qualified.

In the Top 8, Boodie Dabasol aboard his Nissan SR20DET-powered Lancer managed to out-drift top qualifier David Feliciano to advance to the next round. Pao Agregado secured his spot for the top 4 by beating Alex Perez of Team Yellow Cab. Sison beat Gio Rodriguez with experience and advances to the next round, while Ronquillo advances too as he beat Boban.

The crowd cheered on as the competition progressed. For the Top 4, Sison squared off with Ronquillo and earned his championship spot when Ronquillo crashed his R33 Sykline hard into the wall on turn 4 marking the end of his day of fun. In the battle between Dabasol and Agregado, both drivers fought hard with Dabasol emerging victorious for a duel with Sison for the championship. In the battle for third, Pao Agregado automatically took the win as Ronquillo’s crash in the duel with Sison forced him to retire from the event. In the final battle, Sison emerged as the champion for the pro category as he defeated a hard charging Dabasol who settled for second place.

For the novice category, top qualifier and King’s Playground mainstay Jesus Romero-Salas took first place as lady drifter Tin Tin David as her team wasn't able to fix her car after the 5-minute technical timeout expired. David’s car suffered mechanical problems after her duel with fellow Pamapaga driver Radrich Albano to earn her championship battle. Young driver Radrich Albano meanwhile took home third place as he defeated fellow novice driver Cedric Cabañero.

The Jaguar Drift Fest is powered by Monster Energy Drink and Victoria Court, and is supported by Tough Jeans, Rota Wheels, Brembo, Goodyear Tires, DC Shoes, Liqui Moly, Auto Gard, Sun Gard, Intuned Online,, Bose, Wreckless Inc. and Car Porn Racing.