Twenty-one drivers braved the inclement weather accompanied by thunderstorms during the second leg of the Novice Drift Series at the Libis Megatent in Quezon City last weekend. The Novice class attracted 14 participants, while the Open Class (for novice and intermediate drivers) attracted 12 participants. The new drift series was formed to allow new drifters to compete with drivers of similar skill in a 'grassroot' environment.

The participants were judged by pro drifters John Boban, Boodie Dabasol, and Audel Sison. The judges determined their scoring on the driver’s line, angle, style and speed was measured with a speed gun to ensure exciting sideways action. The judges also gave the neophytes pointers on how to improve their driving as part of the developmental series’ thrusts to improve drifting in the Philippines.

Luis Gono of Motul-Autoplus-Achilles Tires

Due to the lack of 16 participants in a class, it was decided upon to adjust the tandem runs to a Top 8 format. The changing weather between wet and dry made conditions difficult for the drivers from qualifying runs until the championship runs. A late downpour made things worse as it left puddles on some parts of the track but some drivers managed to slide their way through, while some spun out.

In the end it was EJ Malibiran taking home the win aboard the 1JZ-GTE powered Driftmob Toyota Celica TA22 over Luis Gono in the Motul-Autoplus-Achilles Tires Nissan Silvia S13 for the Novice Class. Raoul Olbes of Driftmob took home third aboard his Nissan Cefiro A31 powered by an RB25DET motor, he was also the top qualifier in the class.

Jet Mathay of HKS-Dmf Drift

For the Open Class, top qualifier Jet Mathay dominated the group aboard the HKS/DMF Nissan Silvia S15 powered by a Nissan VH41 V8 engine. Autocraft’s Radrich Albano steered his Maxxis Tires Nissan Silvia S15 powered by a Toyota 1JZ-GTE to second. Ralph Tan drove the 1JZ-GTE powered Atoy Customs-Hankook Tires Mercedes-Benz 190E to third after denying EJ Malibiran to another podium.


Elite Eight:

Raoul Olbes (Driftmob/Nissan A31) vs Junjun Yapo (DMF Drift/Nissan S14)

Luis Gono (Motul-Achilles/Nissan S13) vs Ron Bayona (First KMT-Achilles/Toyota AE86)

Rob Tan (Privateer/Nissan S15) vs Patrick Hesse (Driftmob/Nissan A31)

EJ Malibiran (Nankang-Driftmob/Toyota TA22) vs John Lazaga (G Motorworx/Toyota E70)

Fab Four: Raoul Olbes vs Luis Gono | Patrick Hesse vs EJ Malibiran

Battle for Third: Raoul Olbes vs Patrick Hesse

Top Two: Luis Gono vs EJ Malibiran


Elite Eight:

Jet Mathay (HKS-DMF Drift/Nissan S15) vs John Lazaga (G Motorworx/Toyota E70)

Ralph Tan (Atoy Customs-Hankook/Mercedes 190E) vs Luis Gono (Motul-Achilles/Nissan S13)

Mark Bernardo (G Motorworx/Nissan S13) vs EJ Malibiran (Nankang-Driftmob/Toyota TA22)

Radrich Albano (Maxxis-Autocraft/Nissan S15) vs Raoul Olbes (Driftmob/Nissan A31)

Fab Four: Jet Mathay vs Ralph Tan | EJ Malibiran vs Radrich Albano

Battle for Third: Ralph Tan vs EJ Malibiran

Top Two: Jet Mathay vs Radrich Albano