The Adrenalin Rush Drag Race was held last November 8, 2003 at the South Reclamation Road in Cebu City. Co-organized and sanctioned by the Automobile Association of the Philippines (AAP), the event brought out the finest that Cebu had to offer. As with any big drag race event, Manila had it's share of representatives with the team of Autoplus, fielding a Lancer Evolution 6 and an all-motor Civic hatchback, and Matonetics, bringing in a newly built Civic hatchback turbo.

The city of Cagayan de Oro also had it's representatives as team Prodrive made the trek with no less than four cars. The team brought out some of their most well-known cars including two turbocharged Civic hatchbacks, a turbocharged Civic Sir, and a 13-second turbocharged Kia Pride.

The morning event was dedicated to the motorcycle drags. These were mostly composed of 125cc two-stroke motorcycles. Their engines might seem small and slow, but these lightweight bikes were nevertheless doing 16 second quarter milers with ease. An interesting match-up that had the crowd roaring at their feet was the battle between a Harley Davidson and a Xanthus big bike, both with 800cc engines.

Team Autoplus, piloting their multi-titled Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 6 got the quickest time in Qualifying, posting an amazing 10.76 sec. @ 143MPH run. According to Manuel Go, the car's owner, "Getting the fastest time in the event is just a bonus for us, since we actually came here to support drag racing in Cebu." Several other cars were running in the 11's, including a Skyline GTR and a number of turbocharged Civic hatchbacks. But no one could come close to the Evo's time. Mimo Osmeņa of Cebu was consistently doing 12 second quarter milers with his Mitsubishi Eclipse. Mato Tan brought a new, un-tuned engine to Cebu, so it was not surprising that he had some difficulties in qualifying; mostly managing mid to low 12 second runs. The Cagayan team of Prodrive managed several low 11 second times, but a freak accident took out one of their turbo hatchbacks. One of the belts went loose and a piece flew to the crowd. Thankfully no one was seriously hurt, but the incident sidelined one of the fastest cars in the entire event.

The Quick 8 class included such notable cars as the Autoplus Evo, the Skyline GTR of D-Force/DGL Trucks, the Prodrive Civic hatchback, Mato Tan's turbo hatchback, Mimo Osmeņa's Eclipse, another Autoplus car (an all-motor Civic hatchback running 12.8). In the end however, only one car would prevail, and for this event, it was John Mark Padero in the Cagayan Civic that took the Quick 8 finals victory, running an 11.3.

Although the Autoplus Evo managed a personal best, it wasn't enough for the team. They had asked for a by-run to attempt to smash the Philippine drag race record of 10.67. The first pass didn't turn out very well, with the car only managing a low 11 second run. It turns out that Raymond Go, the driver had mis-shifted. With one last attempt remaining, the Autoplus crew spared no expense as they took out the Evo's rear wing and side mirrors. What was supposed to be a solo run turned into a grudge match as the Skyline GTR of D-Force volunteered to go side-by-side with the Evo. The sight of the two cars lining up drew cheers from the thousands of people in attendance. Tension filled the air as the staging lights for both cars went on. Dondi Montecillo, driver of the Skyline, redlighted, getting the jump on Go in the Evo. But the power of the Evo was just too much for the Skyline to handle. By third gear the Evo already had a big lead. Go mis-shifted 3rd to 4th and allowed the Skyline to catch up a bit, but the Evo still prevailed posting a 11.0 time against the Skyline's 11.5.

In class A, Dondi Montecillo drove the D-Force Skyline GTR to victory over Mimo Osmeņa in his Mitsubishi Eclipse. Class B was a Civic to Civic showdown as Stefan Reroma took the win against Randy Paray of STU Auto. Paray incidentally had the best reaction time of the event, a .501. Miguel Laraurri in his Nissan 300ZX took the win in Class C, overtaking Manila-born James Tan in his Mitsubishi Galant VX-R. In the Class D finals, Bryan Te of Speedtec racing piloted his Nissan Sentra to victory over Chris Go's Honda Civic.

All in all the event was a huge success. Over 90 cars participated, with literally hundreds of spectator cars parked throughout the entire South Reclamation area. It's no wonder that Fil Gulfin of the AAP kept referring to Cebu as the best drag strip in the country.