One hundred fifty cars gathered to compete in the X-Drags Power Festival at the PEA Promenade, Bay City, Pasay on the 28th of February. Thousands of racing fans flocked to the strip to watch as the tires screeched, engines roared as the cars ran through the 1320. While there were no outstanding record breaking runs, there was a side-show pass made by a Ferrari 360 Modena which clocked a 13.4-second quarter-mile time which truly excited the senses of the three-thousand strong crowd as the car literally drew them like magnet as they watched it from start to finish.

The Fastest ET of the day went to Ogie Mamuric of Matonetics who clocked in 11.3-seconds aboard his Just 3 turbocharged Honda Civic Hatchback.

In the 16-car Pro-Sportsman Bracket Class, it was again Ogie Mamuric of Matonetics who showed his dominance with a 11.3-second ET in the mixed class dispatching Gaspeed Customers Cradle's Why Dagondon who drove his sister's All-Motor Honda Civic Hatchback despite a hole-shot at the start with a 13.661-second ET. Dagondon's consistent driving throughout the class eliminations may have earned him a shot at the finals after dispatching Ernest Bato on the SJAG Honda Civic Hatchback who was relegated to third place. But in the end, it was the more experienced Mamuric who would take Dagondon to school as he blasted past the latter right before the 990-foot mark and never looked back.

Jor-el Orlando Jarlego, tasting his first championship win, took the 65-car HOT Street bracket class in the GoodGuys Dragsports' D-15'd Honda Civic Hatchback (15.272 @ 86.87 mph) .N2R Racing's Joseph de Dios (SiR @ 15.183) and Ernest Bato (SJAG ESi @ 15.35) won second and third respectively.

SJAG's Vincent Cayao repeated his Jan. 17 first place win at Omni Dragway when he edged out 2-Schnell Racing's Noel Jurado (Lancer @ 16.00 flat) in the final round of the 46-car Street STOCK bracket. Alejandro Suarez (Sentra @ 18.10) finished third. Cayao also won the Mayor Peewee Trinidad "Batlle of the Champions" Cup over Mamuric and Jarlego for an extra 15 points to his credit.

The first place winners received DENSO Iridium Power sparks plugs while the second and third winners got DENSO conventional plugs from Denso manager Yoshiki Yoshida.