Coming from as far as Cagayan de Oro City, ProDrive Technocraft shocked the crowd as they ran Captain Chavez' Civic hatchback and turbocharged Kia Pride. Yes you did not read it wrong, a Kia Pride indeed. Piloting the Civic, John Mark Padero came close to joining the elite PDRF Ten Second Club with a best elapsed time of the event at 11.19 seconds at 137 miles per hour.

Padero drove the blown Civic without nitrous to the Quick 8 Heads-up championship taking home Php15,000 and a runner-up win in the Pro Bracket class winning Php10,000 during the PDRF-Crossbow Event/Media's 5th X-Drags Power Festival held May 11 at the Port City, Manila Harbour Centre. Being the Pro class top qualifier, Padero also took home an extra Php2,000.

The 130 drag racing participants that joined the event were also introduced to the new Port-A-Tree Pro 22-sensor electronic timing system, the first of its kind in the country. Unfortunately power problems came after lunch break. Final test runs were conducted; however, synchronization of the numerous sensors posed some problems. The event went on with the backup timers of the Angeles Hot Rod Association.

The new electronic timers feature additional mid track sensors that provide 'extra timing information' to drag racers (330 ft, 660 ft, eighth-mile mph, 1,000 ft readings). Also, with the new timers, time slips are now handed over to the drivers on the return road near the finish line. The new Pro Port-A-Tree electronic timers also boast of computerization of race and timing operations, including software for making ladders and pairings. Also included in the new Pro timers are giant electronic score boards, which are still in transit, which show drivers' performance readings in 2.5 feet digitals.

The race wasn't a perfectly run one due to numerous unfortunate incidents like the power problem, and noxious stench coming from the garbage across the bay. The backup timers were setup late afternoon and tests finished at about 6pm. Time trial runs were started at a very late 7pm. The race started at 11:30pm and ended at 5:30am the next day.

Racing Zone's Dondi Montecillo captured the Pro bracket and took home the Php15,000 cash prize, Dondi also won runner-up in the Quick-8 class taking home another Php10,000 cash prize. Quick 8 qualifiers Jeff Estella and Ernest Bato who lost early in the round but earned P1,000 each. Estella piloting Frank Wilson's Mustang also won P5,000 as Pro class third place winner.

Morris Miranda piloted Ernest Bato's Civic to victory as he took the Sportsman bracket win away from Marvin Montecillo of ATS Racing, while Romy Santos settled third spot. Although unable to take the win, Michael Padero of Prodrive Technocraft from Cagayan De Oro City took home Php2,000 for being the top qualifier in the Sportsman class, driving a turbocharged Kia Pride with a 13.04 sec ET.

In the Hot Street class, Stripteasers Racing's Randy Robles grabbed the championship win and Php12,000 top cash prize from Ground Zero Racing's Alex Ngoi, with Autocraft's Jhun Astillero in third place. Mike Galos of ATS Racing, won P2,000 for topping the Hot Street ladder at 14.50 seconds.

Jeffrey Pesigan made a back-to-back win in the Street Stock bracket repeating his April 6 win with his Honda Accord. Team Tach Racing's Frey Bautista settled for second place while Mark de Jesus of Team IDRC took third. For running 16-even Roi Ong, of S-Power took home Php2,000 as top Street Stocker. Top qualifiers in the 17, 18, 19 and 20 seconds brackets were also awarded P1,000 each, namely Chris Velez (Team Blanche), Noorliza Abantas, Carlo Enriquez and Jermann Manzano (Goodwrench). And Stripteasers Racing's Sandy Asilo for cutting a perfect 0.500 reaction time (RT) to the green light.