The newly found Novice Drift Series recently held its first leg of competition at the Megatent Libis last March 9, 2013. The inaugural event was a success as twenty drifters eagerly entered the competition to test out their drifting skills along with fellow novice drifters. Meanwhile, professional drifters Alex Perez, Audel Sison and Boodie Dabasol served as the event's judges and track designers who looked after the drifter's line, angle and style, respectively.

"With the Novice Drift Series, we are giving new drivers their chance to shine instead of being intimidated by competing with more experienced drivers. We're also trying to show spectators the basic rules of drifting for them to develop a better level of appreciation for the motorsport," says David M. Feliciano, Race Director of NDS.

After the qualifying round, fourteen drivers made it to the next part of the race which is the Top 16 Tandem Runs. Some of the drivers that qualified performed exceptionally well considering that it was their first time to officialy join a drifting competition. Struan Wallace of Car Porn Racing was the top qualifier for the day when he scored a total of 86 points for his run, while Eric Suliguin of Team G Motor Worx logged the fastest entry speed of the day with 75km/h. Another notable driver who made it to the Top 16 Tandem Runs was 14 year old Carlos Luis Gono of team Motul-Autoplus who just learned how to drive stick and drift a two weeks prior the competition.

Since only 14 drivers made it to the Top 16 Tandem Runs, Both Struan Wallace and Pocholo Hizon of Autocraft Racing both enjoyed the benefits of qualifying in the top two spots as each of them progressed to the next round easily by making a bye run. Kapampangan lady drifter Tintin David of Autocraft Racing made it to the next round after beating Jay Lazaga of Team G Motor Worx. Car Porn Racing's Raoul Olbes failed to advance to the next round when Erick Suliguin's Nissan Skyline collided into his Nissan Cefiro after he spun out resulting in a damaged radiator. Marc Ong of Car Porn Racing joined fellow teammate Struan Wallace in the top 8 after beating Toy Cool Garage's Rhett Del Rosario. Meanwhile, Giovan Bernardino of Autocraft Racing failed to advance after losing to privateer Robert Tan. Youngest driver Carlos Luis Gono secured his spot on the top 8 tandem run besting out Dan Javier. Lastly, Cedric Cabanero makes it to the top 8 spot after beating fellow privateer Ron Bayona in their tandem runs.

The action started to build up during the top 8 tandem runs, Struan Wallace performed flawlessly to dispatch Erick Suligiun. Singapore-based Cedric Cabanero bested privateer Robert Tan. Tintin David again managed to advance to the next round after beating teammate Pocholo Hizon. Carlos Luis Gono ended his day early after suffering a broken lower control arm on his Nissan Silvia S13 handing over the win to Marc Ong.

In the top 4, Struan Wallace and Tintin David managed to outperform Marc Ong and Cedric Cabanero respectively making them battle for the first and second podium spot, while Ong and Cabanero went on to best each other out for the final podium spot.

Cedric Cabanero versus Marc Ong

During the battle for third place, Cedric Cabanero managed to work his way around the track smoothly to be able to secure the third podium spo. Struan Wallace tried his best to beat Tintin David with his Toyota 1-UZ V8-powered Cefiro, but David refused to be intimidated and went around the track smoothly which was enough to make her NDS' first winner, while Wallace settles for the second podium spot.

"We want people to see drifting as more than just a car going out of control or going around in circles," Feliciano adds.

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