Race Schedules

2018 National Drag Racing Championship

Organizer : Batangas Racing Circuit


A competition in which automobiles compete two at a time to be the first to cross a set finish line, from a standing start, in a straight line, over a 1/4-mile (402.3-meters / 1,320 ft) straight track. The Philippine Drag Racing Championship is run with two series, a Northern Series run at the Clark International Speedway and a Southern Series run at the Batangas Racing Circuit.

M&H Super Pro Class - 10.99 and quicker (applicable only @ Clark International Speedway)
M&H Pro Class - 11.00 sec - 12.49 sec
Expert Class - 12.50 sec - 13.99 sec
Sportsman Class - 14.00 sec - 15.99 sec
Hotstreet Class - 16.00 sec and slower