Carmona Race Track

Carmona, Cavite

The Carmona Circuit is the only Commission Internationale De Karting (CIK)-certified Karting track in the country. It is a 1.02-kilometer-long track with a bitumen surface. The Carmona Circuit underwent a 2019 renovation to increase its length to 1.380 kilometers in compliance with the CIK's new minimum track length requirement.

The track was extended from Turn 9, which now turns left into a new sequence of right-hand corners, another left before shooting through a chicane that leads to the start/finish straight. The extension brings the total number of corners to 15.

Location: Carmona, Cavite
Year Built: 1994
Track Length: 1.2 kilometers
Track Width: 5 meters
Surface: Bitumen
Direction: Clockwise
Turns: 7 Right Turns, 4 Left Turns
Series: Karting, Scooter