Pocholo Ramirez Subic International Raceway

Cubi Point, Subic Bay

From the viewpoint of the old start and finish line, you will have to face the opposite way, and move back about 200 meters to stand on the new start line. The new pit straight will cut through what is presently the pit and paddock area. At the end of the straight, plans dictate that there will be a turn to the left onto the ramp, which is now used as parking on the left side of the paddock. Since the ramp is considerably high and steep, a whole new approach ramp will be built so the track will gently rise towards the point of intersection. Here the goal is to create a gentle transition, which will not cause the car to jump. The corner will be a long 180-degree angled turn, taken in high second or even third gear. At this point, it is estimated that the cars will be traveling at around 100kph and with the slight change in elevation they should be quite loose. In other words it will feel slippery due to the loss of traction as the car has a tendency to get light over the small bump.

A short straight will follow and will pass on the opposite side of the big Subic Bay hanger that is located behind the current paddock area. This straight will be roughly 300 meters long and will lead to a slight bend to the right and be followed by the new turn 3, which will be a very fast corner that will come before the long straight. Here the corner will be very fast, and when taken in fourth gear, the cars should be traveling around 180kph � formula cars will be faster, of course. This corner will lead onto a long 500 meter straight and most should reach over 200kph along that straight.

There is also the possibility of another layout, but presently, the plans are to keep this layout and possibly have the second option later on. Should the other option be used, chances are that there would be two tracks and each could be used for separate dates.

Since the car will now be traveling much faster, a new chicane complex will have to be put in, to slow the cars down before they get to current sweeping right corner. (not to be confused with the old chicane). The corner that follows the chicane will remain the same.

Location: Cubi Point, Subic Bay
Year Built: 1994 (Closed in 2010)
Track Length: 3 kilometers
Track Width: 13 meters
Surface: Bitumen
Direction: Counter-clockwise
Turns: 8 Right Turns, 9 Left Turns
Series: Touring Cars