Another year of the RWYB series championship has been concluded last November 8, 2009 at the Subic International Raceway. 2009 saw 169 competitors throughout the 4 rounds held in perfect sunny weather except for the July round. This was well into the rainy season and the race was ran in the rain. Nevertheless, it proved to be still an exciting race and gave the drivers a bit more adrenaline as they tried to do their best in the wet and still manage to stay unscathed on the track. SIR also hosted 37 different teams in the RWYB Series vieing for Team Championship.

The RWYB Driver Champion title went to Jimmy P. Virador, running a 1997 Toyota Corona under the Street Legal team earning the most points totaling 29 pts. Though he never held the fastest time on the track, he consistently earned points mostly from the G bracket. He was followed closely by Rays Draven Dizon of GR1 Raceproject in his 1994 Honda Civic, who on the other hand went into a different bracket each round trying to earn the 28 pts he accumulated. He beats Jun Cruz by 1 pt of Orange Performance Techniques in his 2008 Subaru STI who garned 27 pts. Fourth Placers had 26 pts and two drivers shared that - Imman Peralta, also in a 2009 Subaru STI of the Orange Performance Techniques team and Rogelio Alavaro Jr. in a 1989 Mitsubishi Lancer of MitsuLancerPh team. Butch Orbita of Street Legal using his 1989 Toyota Corolla came in with 25 pts, while Jonjie Guballa in his Subaru WRX 2007 came in 7th with 24 pts. Edwin Rodriguez of MitsuLancerPh team in a 1993 Mitsubishi Lancer and Monty Buhay, our last year's RWYB Champion in his 1996 Honda Civic both earned 22 pts. On tenth place, with 19 pts is Pierre Lou Ascano in his 1994 Nissan Sentra of Tomay Racing Team.

In the team championship series, it was the group efforts of the GR1 Raceproject team paid off, earning the most points, totaling 125 for the year. The MitsuLancerPh team who also got the ball rolling on it's teammates follows in second with a total of 111 pts. Orange Performance Techniques who had very active participation and strong support caught up to 3rd place with 95 pts after starting the year with one member earning only 3 pts on the 1st round.

The year 2009 proved to be equally fun as you will see in the race results with 1 pt margin spelling the difference. Attendance and playing within the rules help the driver gain the most points likewise, having the newest and best car does not guarantee the number 1 spot. Any competitor can become a champion and in this year's tally, the champion came from the last bracket. Team efforts really do pay off for everyone and along with it comes a lot of fun and camaraderie at the pits and the paddock. This is all in the spirit of motorsports and a common love for driving. Join us this 2010 for another series of RWYB and see for yourself.