Miko Maristela took home top honors during the sixth round of the 2014 Circuit Showdown held at the Batangas Racing Circuit last August 2. The competition was tight as racers pushed their cars to the limits.

Here is the 2014 Circuit Showdown race summary for round six.

Starting up in Bracket G, Alan Santos finised in first with a best time of 2.13.291 followed by Cres Licarlde (2.14.499) and Marc Thomann 2.14.550). Bracket F, Lester Shih took first with a time of 2.10.164 while Paolo Lofamia finished in second with 2.10.960 and Marco Palinar in third with 2.11.244.

Ron Valerio claimed the top spot in Bracket E recording a time of 2.07.009 followed by Antonio Brias (2.07.186) and Chad Parian (2.07.206). In Bracket D, Jerico Tiu with a best time of 2.04.123 bested Lesley Tuazon (2.04.133) and Al King dela Cruz (2.04.161) who finished in second and third respectively.

Iain Macdonald extended his lead in Bracket C by having a best time of 2.01.518 while Ike Palinar finished in second with 2.01.581 and Doc. Vic Edillon Jr. in third with 2.02.415. On the other hand, Trek Mendoza led the pack in Bracket B with a time of 1.58.064 followed by Michael Bryan Co (1.58.212) and Nino Garcia (1.58.364).

In Brackets A and R, Miko Maristela finished on top and recorded the fastest time of the day (1.50.840) while Rafael La O' (1.51.481) and Ferdie Sia (1.51.948) finished in second and third respectively.

In the BRZ/GT86 club class, Pauland Dumlao finished in pole (1.53.732) followed by Paul Cusi (2.00.038) and Sergei Castro (2.00.049).

Meanwhile, Paolo Lofamia led the race in Grid D followed by Pen Abueg in second and Cres Liceralde in third. Kitz Ferrer finished first in Grid C while Jem Querimit and Jerico Tiu in second and third respectively.

Nino Garcia emerged victorious in Grid B, followed by Eduardo Pujol and Jun Cabrera. In Grid A, Rafael La O' took the top spot while Ferdie Sia and Miko Maristela in third.

The BMC Air Filter Circuit Showdown continues with Round 7 at the Tarlac Race Track on Saturday September 6.