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2015 Formula Ford adopts FIA Formula 4 regulations


Ford has announced that the 2015 Formula Ford will be built according to the FIA Formula 4 regulations and guidelines.

The automaker confirmed that they have signed a contract with Britain’s motorsport governing body, the MSA, which will see Ford create and develop a new race series.

“We are very pleased that many months of work has brought us to the point today where we can announce our plans for the long-term future of Formula Ford. We have worked closely with the MSA and the FIA, and in particular with the FIA’s Single Seat Commission President Gerhard Berger, to bring the project to fruition,” said Gerard Quinn, Head of Ford Racing in Europe.

This move will see the adaptation of a new carbon-fiber monocoque chassis that meets FIA F3 safety standards. The vehicles will have front and rear wings, slick tires and semi-auto paddle gearshift system.

It will be powered by a 1.6-liter Ford EcoBoost engine which had its success in Formula Ford during the last three seasons of competition.

 “The FIA has a focused objective – it wishes to see a clearly set-out path leading to Formula 1, and has created regulations aimed at securing consistent organizational standards, technical fairness, sporting relevancy and stability. Over its 47-year history, Formula Ford has made a massive contribution to motorsport and we are delighted that it will continue to be at the forefront of young driver development,” Quinn added.


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