It's one thing to see vintage sports cars inside a museum or at a carpark, but it’s another thing entirely to see these machines driven the way they’re supposed to.

The Clubman Racing Series is an event which gathers sports and race cars of various generations, origins, and pedigrees to compete in a light and friendly environment over the course of a whole Sunday.

Having their first race this year on May 29th, the Clubman Racing Series will have cars split into various classes, with each class having their own race at a given time of day. The vehicles will be split into the following classes:

-       Historic Sports Car Racing

-       DTM Revival

-       Historic Mini Racing

-       The Miata Cup Club Race

Given the variety of races that will be held throughout the day, not only will there be constant action on the track, but there will certainly be something for everyone’s tastes.

The following will be the event’s schedule throughout the day:

7:00am – Registration

8:00am – Driver’s Briefing

8:30am – Historic Mini Qualifying

9:00am – Miata Cup Qualifying

9:30am – DTM Qualifying

10:00am – Historic Sports Car Racing Qualifying

10:30am – Jaguar Track day run 1

11:00am – Historic Mini Race 1

11:30am – Miata Cup Race 1

12:00nn – DTM Race 1

12:30pm – Historic Sports Car Racing Race 1

1:00pm – FOCP run 1

2:00pm – Historic Mini Race 2

2:30pm – Miata Cup Race 2

3:00pm – DTM Race 2

3:30pm – Historic Sports Car Racing Race 2

4:00pm – Open track for Jaguar and Ferrari

5:00pm – Close Track

The Clubman Racing Series is organized by Aggressive Line Events and is backed by Yokohama, ENEOS, Jaguar,, C! Magazine, 2Ner, Dreamsmed, Mazda, Studio 21 Creatives. Participants of the races include the Manila Sports Car Club (MSCC), DTM Revival, Historic Mini Racing, and the Miata Club.