This year's Formula One season ushered in the era of cars designed using ground-effect aerodynamics to promote closer racing. And indeed, thanks to the new regulations, we saw a lot of back and forth battles for position across the whole grid, especially in the drag reduction system (DRS) zones.

In the last two races, the two connecting DRS zones allowed drivers to learn a new race tactic; how to utilize the DRS detection point to your advantage. And now, for the next race in Melbourne, it'll be interesting to see how drivers will use the track's four DRS zones.

2022 Australian F1 GP could see plenty of overtaking image

That's right. F1 bosses went from three in Saudi Arabia to four in Australia. In the past, the DRS zones were placed on the main straight, on the run-up to turn three, and at the exit of turn 10. For this weekend, another DRS zone has been placed on the new flatout section between turns 8 and 9.

However, there are only two DRS detection points in the circuit, and they are located at the approach of turn 13, and after exiting turn 6. This will then give trailing drivers two chances to pass with their rear wing flap opened.

Albert Park circuit could see plenty of overtaking as Formula One comes back to the Land Down Under after two years. The last time F1 had the Australian Grand Prix, Mercedes and Valtteri Bottas took the win. But based on the last two races, Ferrari and Red Bull are the favorites as reigning champions Mercedes are still figuring out the W13.

Of course, Melbourne has always been a place for unexpected victories and events, so anything can happen. Who do you think will come out on top? Let us know in the comments.