As A1GP prepares to enter its third season, exciting new changes have been put into place affecting qualifying, pit stops and the points allocation. The modifications to the Sporting Regulations mark an inevitable increase in action, drama and competition to the series that has become firmly fixed in hearts of motorsport fans worldwide.

Qualifying is revamped: In a complete shake-up, qualifying has been adapted to ensure every A1GP nation has a fair attempt at securing a solid grid position for both the Sprint and Feature race.

As in previous years Qualifying consists of four 15-minute segments in which every team has a single flying lap to show the world what they are made of. However, A1GP has moved away from taking the aggregate of each team's two fastest times and opted for a simpler method whereby each team's fastest lap is used to form the grids.

The first two Qualifying segments will take place to determine the classification of the Sprint race line-up while the final two Qualifying segments will be fought for the Feature race grid.

This new and improved system means the grid for the Feature race is no longer related to the results of the Sprint race. Competitors can now fight aggressively in the Sprint race without fear of their Feature race grid position being in jeopardy. Furthermore, television viewers across the globe will be able to see, at a glance, where their nation will line up for the challenges that are A1GP races.

Mystery pit stop introduced: Teams and drivers will have an unknown quantity to deal with in preparation for the Feature race, in the form of a second mandatory pit stop.

In dramatic fashion that is sure to test man, team and machine, the window in which this new pit stop must be taken will only be revealed as the pit lane opens; half an hour before the lights turn green.

It still stands that the teams are also required to pit during laps eight and 16 of the race.

More point scoring positions: More points than ever are up for grabs in an A1GP race weekend as both the Sprint and Feature race will allocate points to the top ten finishers.

The victor of each race will take away 15 points, second place is worth 12 points, third place ten points, fourth place eight points, fifth place six points, sixth place five points and so on until the tenth placed team which will receive one point. A further point can be earned in each race by setting the fastest lap.

Consequently the maximum number of points a team can score in weekend is 32 (two lots of 15 points for race wins plus two points for the fastest lap in each race).

The new system enables more teams to achieve point-scoring positions thus heightening the competition for the acclaimed World Cup of Motorsport trophy.