It was a big day for AlphaTauri a few weeks ago. Years after their maiden win in 2008, Red Bull's sister team scored a win in Monza with Pierre Gasly behind the wheel. Honda was so pleased with the result that they gave them a HondaJet.

But hold on, Honda builds airplanes, too? Well, yes, and they have been doing so for the past five years. Before you slide in any VTEC jokes, the HondaJet is powered by a pair of General Electric turbofan engines, which was developed alongside Honda. You could even say that this airplane is the fastest Honda ever made. With a top speed of 782 km/h, not even an NSX, AlphaTauri, or Red Bull race car can get close to that.


Now, back to the AlphaTauri HondaJet. From now on, the team will be flying the Honda-powered jet across Europe, shuttling the drivers, team leaders, and other vital personnel over the continent. It gets a sweet paint job, too, with the AlphaTauri livery gracing the tail of the aircraft. Aside from AlphaTauri, the HondaJet is also used by Red Bull Racing.

The folks at Red Bull Racing and Alpha Tauri are more than pleased with this little gift from their engine supplier. Red Bull's lead advisor, Helmut Marko, spoke highly of the jet, saying “We are pleased to welcome a new member to the Flying Bulls fleet with the HondaJet Elite, which marks another step in the great cooperation between Honda and Red Bull," said Marko. He adds, “The HondaJet is ideal because it is particularly efficient on short and medium-distance routes”.

But say you want to fly like Max Verstappen and Pierre Gasly and have one of these HondaJets. How much is it? You'll need deep pockets to buy one because it starts at $ 5,280,000, which is about Php 256,000,000. So not only is it the fastest Honda ever made, but it's the most expensive one, too.