By now, you may have heard that Toyota is entering a 24 Hour endurance race at Fuji Speedway with a hydrogen-powered Corolla Sport hatchback. The automaker wants to show that battery-electric vehicles aren’t the only way to go forward in eco-friendly mobility. Instead, hydrogen power could be a great alternative. And what better way to prove that point than to join an endurance race.

The 24 Hour race is scheduled to take place from May 21 to 23. What’s interesting, however, is the lineup of drivers. Toyota has selected some of the best drivers for the upcoming race, including former F1 driver and WEC champion Kamui Kobayashi. But, it seems Toyota’s “master driver” Morizo will be competing as well.

Morizo is the pseudonym used by Toyota president Akio Toyoda when he’s on the race track. Yep, the president of Toyota himself will be participating in the 24-hour race at Fuji Speedway later this month. Toyoda is 65 years old this year, but that isn’t stopping him from actively participating in motorsports. What’s more, this isn’t his first stint with endurance racing either.

Toyoda has consistently participated at the Nurburgring 24-hour race, his most recent stint was in 2019 with the then-new GR Supra GT4. Outside of endurance racing, Toyota says it was Morizo that performed the final tests of the GR Yaris. Talk about being a very hands-on boss. It’s no wonder he was recently awarded the title World Car Person of the Year.

Hopefully, Toyota’s hydrogen-powered Corolla Sport makes it through the 24-hour race. If not, the engineers and developers may have some explaining to do with Morizo.