The alleged gunman and Pasay City police officer, PO2 Edgar Angel, retracted his earlier statement confessing as the gunman responsible for killing race driver Enzo Pastor.

According to a report by, PO2 Angel submitted a counter-affidavit to the Department of Justice where he rejected his earlier judicial confession.

PO2 Angel said in his earlier statement that businessman Sandy De Guzman was allegedly the mastermind and paid him PHP 100,000 to kill Pastor. The 'confession' resulted to the arrest of De Guzman, who is currently out on bail for charges of illegal possesion of firearms.

In a change of heart, he said that the Quezon City police forced him to confess that he was guily to the crime and tag De Guzman and Enzo's wife, Dalia Guerrero Pastor, as suspects.

PO2 Angel added that his earlier confession followed a script that was handed to him by the Quezon City police after his arrest for a drug related charge. Moreover, Angel's new statement claims that he has no knowledge of Pastor's murder.