The FIA Asia Pacific Rally Championship (APRC) announced its partnership with Würth for the final phase of the 2014 series in Japan, China and Thailand.

Würth is a worldwide wholesaler of tools, machines, automotive hardware, among others. In the APRC, Würth products are being used by skilled professionals working on different rally cars.

“The APRC shows Würth products being used by high-skilled professionals working on factory supported rally cars under extreme conditions. It convinces other professionals of Würth’s premium qualities across its entire product range,” said Martin Ruetti of Würth International, Shanghai.

Wurth Silicone Spray Grease and Interior Cleaner

With the extreme and rough rally conditions, the 2014 APRC teams benefits from the said partnership as Würth provides high quality products such as silicone spray grease, interior cleaner, active glass cleaner and brake cleaner. The company also gives expert technical advise to the different APRC teams.

Takuya Sugimura, team manager of the Cusco team, winners of the APRC Asia Cup for the past three seasons said that they have been using Würth products because of its good quality.

“Cusco Racing and our parent company Carrosser are involved in many areas of motorsport and we have used Würth products previously,” Sugimura said.

The next APRC event is going to be held in Japan at September 26. With this, Würth Japan will deploy its technical team in the Obihiro service park to provide the necesarry assistance to the different teams.

As of writing, Czech driver Jan Kopecký leads the driver standing with 112 points. He is followed by Gaurav Gill with 104 points and sitting at third is Mark Pedder with 90.