After winning overall and dominating their class in Le Mans, Audi AG is not resting on its laurels.  They have currently funded research on an ultramodern design of what could be their future entry in Le Mans.

Called the Audi Airomorph, majority of the design is based on the multihulled racing vessel, catamaran.  The body of the Airomorph is formed by expansion-resistant textile that has the ability to morph depending on the racing conditions.  Leading the study is Art Center College of Design graduate Eric Kim under the supervision of Audi designer Kris Vancoppenolle and all done in the company’s headquarters in Ingolstadt, Germany.

Mimicking the catamaran fundamentals of racing I wanted to pursue a similar approach in my Le Mans Concept,” said Kim.

The driver will be sitting in a revolutionary new cockpit that is covered by a single sheet of cloth, which also covers that Airomorph’s frame.  Controlled by attuators, the cloth can stretch across movable metal wires allowing the Airomorph’s body to constantly adapt to the stresses of the race and provide the best driving condition all the time.


“Having the great opportunity to collaborate with Jenns Mooler in the Aerodynamics/Engineering Department, we worked together to create the best possible solution of a blown diffuser that is not only functional but atheistically pleasing as well,” added Kim.