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Beefed-up McLaren 720S GT3 ready to slay at the racetrack


Since its release, the road-going McLaren 720S has been making waves in supercar circles. Lauded for its superb handling and precision over its contemporaries, the 720S ought to make the perfect foundation for McLaren’s next generation of racecars. Of course the folks from Woking already knew this, and now they’ve set out to create a GT3 version of the 720S.

While most specifications have yet to be revealed, we can already tell from photos that the 720S GT3 has been further beefed up to withstand the harsh environment of sportscar endurance racing. A wider track, streamlined (and less cluttered) front section, as well as a massive rear wing all will likely translate towards more speed on track. The panels themselves have been sculpted in composite carbon fiber exclusive to the GT3 version, while the bottom side of the car gets its own unique flat-floor arrangement for optimum downforce.

Despite looking like the original road-going version, McLaren claims that over 90 percent of the car has been changed to create the 720S GT3. To get to that figure, they’ve completely reworked the geometry of the rear suspension and added a new limited-slip differential to make use of the stickier Pirelli racing slicks. A pneumatic air jack system also makes its way into the car for quick pit stops. FIA mandated safety equipment such as a full roll cage, six-point harnesses, and centralized fire extinguishers all come standard for McLaren’s new racer.

Power figures from the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 have yet to be disclosed by McLaren. However, the company claims it will have a fatter torque curve as well as better efficiency geared towards endurance racing. Apart from those, McLaren also installed a new braking system for better stopping power, four-way adjustable dampers and coilovers for improved cornering and handling, a new electronic shift actuator for the six-speed sequential transmission for faster gear changes and an adjustable limited-slip differential.

One number that has been announced however is price: $564,000 for teams that do not have McLaren’s backing. That is almost double the starting price of a standard road-going 720S.

Considering the stellar 8-win performance of the 570S GT4 racer this year, we can only wait and see just how the 720S GT3 performs against its rivals.

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