Over a month ago, BMW pulled the covers off the all-new 4 Series Coupe. The much talked about front end aside, there are those wondering when the next-generation M4 will arrive. After all, an M model is a given since BMW makes one for almost every model.

Now, the German automaker has given the world a preview of the sports coupe. However, their teaser is rather unconventional. Instead of previewing the road-going car, BMW decided to show its racing version instead, the 2021 M4 GT3.

BMW isn't showing the whole car just yet, but they weren't shy about revealing the entire rear end. While we're not expecting the production M4 to be as wide as the race car, we could say that the road car will have a more aggressive stance over the standard 4 Series coupes. What did catch our attention is the “scoop” on the trunk, which could be an interesting way to channel more air out of the car and improve downforce.

At the moment, BMW isn't saying what engine powers their upcoming race car, but there are two likely candidates. The first could be a highly-tuned version of BMW's twin-turbo inline-six which is used in the M340i xDrive. It's also possible that BMW will use a beefier version of the twin-turbo V8 that powers the M5 and M8. However, BMW did mention that the M4 GT3's engine produces somewhere in the region of 500 PS.

The M4 GT3 will make its competition debut next year and will run a limited schedule. By 2022, it will replace the M6 GT3 as BMW's race car in various grand touring categories around the world. As for the M8 GTE, it seems that the car will continue to be Bavaria's representative in endurance championships worldwide.

As for the road-going M4, BMW says that it will be revealed by September of this year alongside its four-door counterpart, the M3.

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