The Bomex McLiempo Invitational Cup (BMLIC) is set to invade the Clark International Speedway in Pampanga on July 20, 2014.

It is an event that will enable car enthusiasts and racers to test out their machines, share their passion and to simply have a great time.

The BMLIC will feature grid races for car clubs, halftime race demo by professional drivers and a “Race of Champions” for the accomplished participants.

Aside from the said activities, the BMLIC has a noble cause. The track day event aims to help those who have lost their path and is in need of guidance for a brighter future through the Open Heart Foundation. With this, part of the proceeds collected from the event will be donated to the said organization.

The BMLIC was put together by a group of car enthusiasts with the goal of uniting car groups on the race track. It’s named after a wooden pig that the group found abandoned on the roadside.

They adopted it, gave it a name, and it served as a trivial mascot to entertain people. The wayward swine then began to make appearances in several car club meets and track events.

Later on, it regularly changed hands between groups and became a symbol of unity for people who shared the love for cars and motorsports.