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Brookspeed Racing sets up crowdfunded Bentley GT3 program


The Brookspeed racing team recently announced that they will bring back the 'privateer spirit' of Bentley back to GT endurance racing with the Brookspeed Bentley Racing Club. The club will enable private individuals to help crowd fund a Bentley GT car which will be campaigned at race events and can even be driven at said events.

The club was put up by the racing team after winning the British GT Championship and was aimed in recruiting 500 members. All of the members will share in purchasing and ownership of the a Bentley GT3 racecar which has been slated to campaign in the 2015 British GT Championship and select international events.

The crowd-funding model placed by Brookspeed will allow investors to not only become a member of the club, but also an integral part of the racing team. The tiered membership program entitles those that joined a range of options, including the types of access to the inner development of the race team and ownership privileges that is normally reserved for major sponsors and their guests, senior team members and manufacturers.

“I think what all motorsport fans want is the chance to engage with their sport - with the team, with the drivers and feel part of the team. At minimal cost and with no ongoing commitment this club provides them with this opportunity. We have a range of offers to suit all budgets and it is the perfect gift for die hard racing fans who would like to get closer to the action. With Bentley’s blessing I feel confident we can hit our targets,” said Martin Braybook, Team Principal, Brookspeed.

The platform was set by veteran British racing driver Andy Wallace and his ex Le Man teammate Justin Bell. Also helping them is Radical SR1 Cup front runner James Guess who will be the amateur driver for the British GT campaign.

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