Following the success of the Ayrton Senna documentary, another racing legend will soon have his life shown on the silver screen. This time, it is now Bruce McLaren's turn in the limelight and the upcoming documentary will cover the life and times of the driver and constructor.

As a driver, his significant achievements were winning the Monaco Grand Prix, 24 Hours of Le Mans, along with a host of Can-Am races. The achievements doesn’t stop with him being a driver as he was also an important constructor. He and his namesake team made a strong showing in Formula 1 and had a string of victories in the Can-Am series.

Tragically, he was killed when one of his test cars crashed in Goodwood at the age of 32. These days, McLaren is now commonly known as the Formula 1 team and the super-car company it eventually spawned.  With this upcoming documentary, simply titled McLaren, the people behind the film hope to see more of the man behind the team and company.

Universal Pictures has recently released the first trailer for Mclaren, announcing that the film is set for release later this year. Notable motorsport figures such as Chris Amon, Emerson Fittipaldi, Mario Andretti, and Jackie Stewart will also be making appearances in the documentary.

According to the film's producers, they have worked closely with the McLaren family and the Bruce McLaren Trust. The documentary promises to give the viewers exclusive access to memorabilia and over 100,000 photos from friends and family.