International racing sensations Michele and Mark Bumgarner recently signed an agreement with Petron, renewing their partnership as official endorsers of Petron fuels. Petron has been supportive of the young Bumgarners' quest for international supremacy in their respective motorsports disciplines, as a way of promoting the best in the Filipino. The internationally-acclaimed racing siblings bring their superb racing records to the table, to show that Petron fuels deliver power and performance fit for drivers of their caliber.

According to Petron advertising and promotions director Charmaine Canillas, "Petron's support for Mark and Michele goes beyond motorsports. Through these young endorsers, we hope to ingrain street smarts among young Filipino drivers, including the value of choosing a fuel with the right octane rating to match your vehicle."

A series of infomercials will show the Bumgarners explaining the importance of RON (octane rating) in achieving optimum vehicle performance. This is part of their endorsement of Petron XCS, a premium 95-0ctane unleaded fuel with patented organic enhancers that ensure cleaner combustion, more power, and increased fuel efficiency.

Both Michele and Mark Bumgarner have racing in their blood. After starting with small CC karts when they were as young as five years old, the Bumgarner siblings honed their skills to a fine edge. Before long, they were defeating other children years their senior. Now well into their teens, and with years of experience already under their belt, Michele and Mark have moved up to racing formula cars in Asia, the United States, and even Europe.

This season, they are set to race in US circuits they've never raced before, against drivers decades older. Michele and Mark both know they can take the podium with support from Petron and the Filipino people. "We're thankful for the awareness that Petron has created here in the Philippines, and we're happy to have the support of fellow Filipinos," Michele said as she faced local media during a press briefing.

The contract was signed at Petron headquarters just days before Michele and Mark left for the U.S. to resume their training, and for the start of the racing season.