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BYD F0 finishes 3rd in class at 2014 Circuit Showdown Round 7


After making its track debut last month with a 2nd place finish at the Circuit Showdown Micro Series class, the BYD F0 mini hatchback finished on the podium once again as it garnered well-timed laps during the Time Attack segment at the 7th round of the 2014 Circuit Showdown season at the Batangas Racing Circuit.

As it was the only car that participated in the Micro Series Category, the F0 also had to compete with other higher classed cars. In the morning session driver Keith Bryan Haw ran with the Bracket D class on the BRC short track under wet/damp conditions clocking 1:52.245; the second fastest time for the class. In the afternoon dry session on the long track, Haw clocked the fastest lap for the Bracket G at 2:15.081. Due to technicalities of his morning session entry under Bracket D and points computations, he settled for third overall in both sessions.

"In Bracket G, the F0 was out of its league against the Honda Civics, Mitsubishi Lancers, and Honda Jazz, but still managed to finish third. A lot of people doubt the quality of our products, but if you take a look, we've been running on the track, racing and practicing, for the last two months, and so far we've not made any major changes on this vehicle. Yet, performance-wise, we're right up there with the 120-hp vehicles-foul weather and all," said Mark Tieng, Managing Director of Star Corp., authorized importer and distributor of BYD cars in the Philippines.

Haw, a businessman and DJ was also the designated driver of the F0 race car during its debut last month at the Micro Series class. According to Haw, the weather at that time was not cooperating and he just had to concentrate and hope for the best in completing his lap around the track. As for the performance of the car, Haw said that for a 68 PS car, it is quick yet secure at high speeds.

The BYD F0 race car is supported by BYD Auto, Solar Sports, Jack TV,, Advance Paper Corp., Linde Werdelin, Eneos, Auto Junction, 12 Monkeys, Shacman Motors, DPE Engineering, Atoy Customs and GT Radial.

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