For Chris Forsberg, the championship battle at the 'House of Drift' in Irwindale, California was "gut-wrenching for sure" as it pitted him against Fredric 'The Norwegian Hammer' Aasbo in a close points battle for the 2014 Formula Drift title.

Forsberg beat his friend and fellow Formula Drift veteran Vaughn Gittin Jr. in the Great Eight, landing him a spot in the Final Four.

In the Final Four, it was Forsberg, Aasbo, Daigo 'Ninja' Saito and Forrest Wang. Forsberg went toe to toe with Aasbo in his 2014 Scion Racing tC, with Aasbo beat out Forsberg and moved on to the final battle. Daigo 'Ninja' Saito in his Lexus SC430 erstwhile beat out Forrest Wang in his Nissan S14. This meant a championship showdown between Aasbo and Saito for round 7, and a chance at the 2014 championship for Aasbo if he beat Saito.

All seemed bleak for Chris Forsberg as he bowed out to Wang in the battle for 3rd as well. In the final battle, however, it was Saito who emerged victorious against Aasbo. Forserberg's slight points advatage still landed him as champion of the 2014 Formula Drift season.

Forseberg in his Nissan 370Z

"No words can describe what it feels to win a championship in Formula Drift. It's the absolutely pinnacle of drifting series in the world. To put a Nissan-powered Nissan back on the podium is amazing. We won it back in 2009. Since then, we've had a few close calls the last two years with a third and a second. Taking number one spot, nothing beats it,” said Forsberg who had a total of 561 points.

Overall, Aasbo got 2nd place and had a total of 550 points while landing on third place was Gittin Jr. who had a total of 393 points. Wang earned 5th place with 331 points while Saito was placed at 14th with just 224 points.

Chris Forseberg winning the 2014 Formula Drift title

As for what's next for the recently crowned champion, Forsberg said that he was invited to Red Bull Drift Shifters in New Zealand, a competition that is judged using radars and sensors recording speed and distances instead of a panel of judges.

"It's one of the first telemetry-based competition. We'll be going down there next month," said Forsberg.