When the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF) announced that select sporting activities could resume under General Community Quarantine (GCQ) and Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ), we wondered whether racing would be included in the list. Technically speaking, motorsports is a non-contact sport so it would be possible under GCQ and MGCQ.

Now we have some answers.

The company that owns Batangas Racing Circuit (BRC), Clark International Speedway (CIS), Carmona Race Track (CRT), and Palawan International Circuit (PIC) have announced that they will resume operations very soon. However, it won’t be like the track sessions we have become used to in the past. The facilities listed above will be adhering to the “New Normal”, just like most establishments these days.

At the moment, full track day events and grid racing are still not allowed. The same goes for meets, challenges, competition races. However, in a statement released by the owners of the track, the following operations are allowed on track: tune-up and repair of cars, go-karts, and motorcycles; maintenance of cars, go-karts, motorcycles, and rented paddocks/suites/lounges; and practice testing of cars, go-karts, and motorcycles.

You can soon drive on your favorite race tracks again image

Unlike before, walk-in practice sessions are no longer allowed. Instead, those who wish to visit any of the facilities will have to call in advance for reservations. The memo says that no-walk in policy is implemented for everyone, including CIS investor-members and circuit members. Once the confirmed date is reserved, payment must also be made in advance. No refunds will be given for payments in case of non-appearance. 

Furthermore, each reserved day will have a maximum number of “flights” per day per circuit. For CIS the maximum is 25 flights, for BRC it is 20 flights, CRT 15 flights, and PIC 15 flights. Each flight is composed of a maximum of 5 people for CIS and BRC, and 3 people for CRT and PIS. Any excess number of persons in a flight shall be denied entry and will be advised to stay outside the facility. Interestingly, each flight must also rent one paddock wherein they will stay during the duration.

Facemasks are required at all times on race track. On the day of the track visit, you must check if your names are on the reserved flights. If your name is not on the list, you cannot drive on the track. Drivers will also need to have temperatures checked and hand sanitized. They must also fill out a declaration form, contact tracing information, and have their photo taken before heading onto their designated paddocks. Constant violators will be sent out of the facility.

The new normal at our local circuits are a lot more complex as compared to just doing walk-in track days before. But it helps protect everyone who will be racing and attending. More importantly, it allows racing and race tracks to resume operations even with GCQ and MGCQ still in place.

Anyone want to go do a trackday soon?