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DeltaWing announces GT race car concept


DeltaWing Technology Group has announced that they are developing a new GT race car concept, expected to be revealed this year.

The said concept will be designed to demonstrate that a two-seater performance vehicle based on the DeltaWing architecture could “deliver the same performance” similar to “many of today's sports cars” despite having “far less horsepower.”

The company goes on by saying that the DeltaWing GT concept will have unimaginable fuel economy and efficiency ratings.

DeltaWing Technology Group chairman and CEO Don Panoz said that GT concept is an important point in the development process of the company's project.

“This is an important point in the DeltaWing project’s next phase. We’ve been very busy leading up to this launch announcement and we’ll remain quite busy coordinating the race car project’s many details,” added Panoz.

The company has also confirmed that they are working on a four-passenger road car based on the DeltaWing architecture, equipped with a 1.4-liter petrol engine that delivers 140 PS.


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