Tokyo - DENSO Corporation today announced its motor sports sponsorship plan for the 2005 season. DENSO has been sponsoring motor sports since 1971.

This year, DENSO is adding to the products supplied to motor sports teams, with a new compact alternator for the Panasonic Toyota Racing in Formula 1 and spark plugs to the Subaru World rally Team in the World Rally Championship.

"DENSO is excited to sponsor these motor sports teams, and we hope to improve our name recognition and corporate image through our involvement with motor sports around the world," said Hiroshi Uchiyama, senior managing director, Sales and Marketing. "It also is a good opportunity to showcase our technology to our many customers who support the motor sports community." DENSO's sponsorships include:

Four-wheel races

*Formula 1 (F1)

DENSO will continue to support the Panasonic Toyota Racing as a corporate sponsor for the second consecutive season. Also, new alternators developed by DENSO will be installed in the TF105, in addition to the DENSO spark plugs, radiators, and oil-coolers that have been installed since the entry of Panasonic Toyota Racing to F1 in 2002.

*World Rally Championship (WRC)

DENSO will continue to support the Subaru World Rally Team as a corporate sponsor for the second consecutive season. Also, spark plugs developed for the WRC car will be installed in the SUBARU IMPREZA WRC 2005.

*Super GT (tentative name)

DENSO will support TOYOTA TEAM SARD as the main sponsor in the Super GT, previously named "All Japan GT Championship." The DENSO SARD SUPRA GT will be entered in the GT 500 class.

DENSO-made engine management systems, spark plugs, radiators, oil coolers, displays and other components- will be installed in the DENSO SARD SUPRA GT.

*All Japan Formula 3 Championship (F3)

DENSO will support the Le Beausset Motor Sport as the main sponsor starting in 2005.

*National Mustang Racers Association (NMRA) DENSO Iridium Power Ford Drag Racing Series

DENSO will be the title sponsor for the second year and will support drivers Larry Geddes, Robin Lawrence and Justin Burcham.

*Pro Drag Racing Series

DENSO will be the title sponsor of the Pro Street Class for the third consecutive year.

*National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) and NOPI Drag Racing Association (NDRA)

DENSO will sponsor Jojo Callos, the 2003 NDRA Pro 4 Cylinder Points Champion and 2001 NHRA Hot Rod Champion.

Two-wheel races

DENSO will continue to supply Iridium Power spark plugs, the world's first spark plug that uses a 0.4-mm iridium alloy center electrode, to various Motocross and World Two-wheel Championship riders.

*FIM Road Racing World Championship (WGP)

DENSO will support new-comers Tomoyoshi Koyama and Toshinaga Kuzuhara in the 125cc class. DENSO also will continue to sponsor Team LCR (owned by former GP rider Lucio Cecchinello).

*All Japan Road Race Championship

DENSO will continue its sponsorship of Atsushi Watanabe (JSB1000) and Hiroyuki Kikuchi (GP125).


DENSO will continue supporting Hisashi Tajima in the All Japan Motorcross Championship and Keiji Nakamura in the All Japan Drag Race Championship.