The Department of Justice (DOJ) has found probable cause to file charges against Dalia Pastor and businessman Domingo "Sandy" De Guzman III for the death of the international race car driver Enzo Pastor.

In a resolution written by Assistant State Prosecutor (ASP) Susan T. Villanueva, the DOJ has recommended that Dalia be charged with parricide and De Guzman for murder.

"[I]t is respectfully recommended that the attached informations for violation of Article 246 (Parricide) and Article 248 (Murder) of the Revised Penal Code be filed against respondents Dahlia Guerrero Pastor and Domingo De Guzman III y Villaruel, respectively," the DOJ resolution said.

The DOJ said that while there was no direct evidence pointing against Dalia and De Guzman III as direct participants, ASP Villanueva determined that "there is interlocking circumstantial evidence that would point to their connivance in the commission of the crime."

According to the DOJ, one of the "interlocking circumstantial evidence" was the affidavit of housemaid Chona Domen who detailed what she knows about the illicit relationship of Dalia and De Guzman III.