Bernie Ecclestone says F1 may drop the Italian Grand Prix at Monza after 2016 due to the issue of commercial viability.

The Monza F1 race contract will expire in 2016 and Ecclestone is not sure if a new deal will be done. Ecclestone says that a new contract is unlike to happen because the old one had been disastrous from a commercial point of view.

In a report by, the Italian GP organizers find it hard to put together a commercial package due to the alarming drop of television ratings.

According to Ecclestone, Ferrari’s disappointing 2014 season could explain why ratings dropped alarmingly.

"TV ratings are lower in Italy than elsewhere," Ecclestone said.

When asked about how to improve ratings in Italy, Ecclestone simply said that Ferrari should perform better.

"How to improve Italian ratings? If Ferrari started to end up first and second in qualifying and races... TV ratings would improve everywhere. Ferrari is worldwide passion," Ecclestone concluded.