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EKanoo Racing sets fastest quarter mile for a Nissan GT-R


Following their run at the recent round of the Bahrain Drag Championship, the record for the world’s fastest quarter-mile time for a stock chassis GT-R has been broken. Clocking a 7.168 second pass at 336.44 kilometers per hour, the GT-R in question is by no means a full-on racecar – it’s an entirely road legal vehicle.

This astonishing feat was achieved by the famed Bahraini outfit EKanoo Racing, whose exploits with several import vehicles have set the bar for drag racing.  Their Toyota Supra, for example, is the fastest stock body Supra in the world, clocking in a 6.57-second pass. On the extreme end of things, their “Pro Import” Toyota 86 Funny Car turned in a 5.85 second pass on a four-cylinder motor.

The record-holding GT-R has a fully-built motor from drag racing specialist Magnus Motorsports, a chassis assembled by Josh Ledford of Late Model Racing, and a host of other top-dollar racing parts installed and fabricated by EKanoo Racing. Power figures have not been revealed, but likely this GT-R may be playing around the 2,000PS mark.

EKanoo says there’s more to come with their GT-R considering that the record pass was actually the car’s first time out following a comprehensive rebuild. Provided everything is dialed in, they’re expecting a 6-second pass to be within reach. Perhaps only time will tell when the records start falling once again.

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