Ever wanted an in-depth look at Formula 1? Starting next year, you can thanks Netflix for that. F1 and the online streaming service have teamed up to produce a documentary that will cover the 2018 season. The documentary is set to be a ten-part series and filming started during this year's opening race in Australia.

As it has been commissioned by Formula 1 themselves, the upcoming series promises unparalleled and exclusive access to the drivers, team principals and owners, as well as Formula 1’s own management team. That means all teams will be getting their screen time once the documentary is out.

“Formula 1 is a global sport that we are actively repositioning from a motorsport company to a media and entertainment brand. The agreement with Netflix serves to chronicle the fascinating story of what transpires behind the scenes during a grand prix season. This is a perspective of the sport that has yet to be unveiled to fans around the world. This series will unleash a compelling vantage point to the sport that will delight fans and serve as a catalyst to entice new fans,” said Sean Bratches, F1 Managing Director of Commercial Operations

For now, there isn't a lot of information surrounding the upcoming series. However, do expect a lot of racing action, as well as a behind the scenes look at the world's pinnacle of open-wheel racing. This series will be executive-produced by James Gay Rees, the man behind the Senna documentary. With one of the executive produces of Senna being on board, it may well be a documentary worth watching when it comes out early next year.